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What to Expect: Managing your Affiliates
What to Expect: Managing your Affiliates

Ways to make the most of your affiliate network.

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There are many different ways you’ll manage your affiliates in Refersion, including registration, conversion approvals, and payment.

Outside of the nuts and bolts of it, though, Refersion provides some great tools to make sure you're getting the most out of your network. Learn more about how we can help you with Curation, Engagement and Incentivization.

Curation: Assembling your ideal network of affiliates.


  • Affiliate Registration Page: The “front door” of your program. Decide how you want it to look.

  • Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy: Your chance to describe who you want to come through your door; what you’ll allow and what you won’t allow in your program. Also: how your business will use, process, manage personal data collected from affiliates.

  • Affiliates Page: Where you can activate or deny affiliates who’ve applied to your program, access affiliate settings, log in as an affiliate, and modify offers.

  • Refersion Marketplace: A transparent channel where you can list your profile and field applications from affiliates, influencers, and ambassadors.

  • Post-purchase Widget: A pop-up you can add to your shop’s checkout to entice your customers to become affiliates.

  • Offers: How you’ll segment your network.

Engagement: Touching base with your network to create a transparent, productive relationship.


  • Email: Customizable templates that will fire off to Affiliates automatically when set to ON.

  • Message Center: Send updates to affiliates associated with a specific offer.

  • Marketing Platform Integration: Integrate with a marketing automation platform such as Klaviyo or Mailchimp to make communication seamless.

Incentivization: Further reward your top performers and provide an extra nudge to affiliates who’ve gone quiet.


  • Set up different offers: You can easily test and see which offers are most effective, and move affiliates to new offers in order to adjust their commission — up or down.

  • Tiered commission structure: Create offers that motivate affiliates to reach target conversion numbers and unlock higher commissions.

  • Reporting: Find out who is engaged and who needs extra attention; which products might be worth pushing more, and which offers are most effective.

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