Customers of Refersion get automatic access to the Refersion Marketplace, our open network of affiliate partners who are actively looking to partner with merchants. This network includes large publishers, bloggers, and influencers that have wide reaching audiences and can expose your product to thousands of news customers. This is a fantastic supplemental tool at your fingertips to quickly add affiliates. But just because you now have access to 25,000+ reps doesn’t mean you can sit back and watch your affiliate army rise up. Like affiliate marketing itself, which is much more than “set it and forget it,” fishing for affiliates is more involved than just putting bait on your line.

Getting your offer listed is free for all Refersion customers, follow the steps below to make your offer available on the Marketplace. 

NOTE: We highly recommend filling in your program’s commission details, terms & conditions, and privacy policy before listing on the Marketplace.

Rest assured, we do not share the marketplace with your private affiliates. 

Select an offer

Go to Channels > Marketplace and change Listing Status to Yes, show my company listing in the Marketplace (turned ON). Next, choose which offer should be listed in the Marketplace (you can create a specific offer for the Marketplace by going to Manage > Offers). Choose your business category, put in an affiliate contact email for affiliates to contact you if they have any questions, and click Save.

Add content

Next, provide a description of your product and affiliate program to be displayed on your offer page in the Refersion Marketplace in the Content tab. Below for a sample of what that will look like for Refersion's affiliate program. Feel free to add HTML to customize the format. Make sure your description is at least 50 words in length. We strongly suggest that you add images to make the offer more descriptive which will encourage Marketplace users to sign up.

Confirm policies

Lastly, review and update your program policies by clicking on the Program Policies tab or going to Account > Settings > Program Terms and Privacy.

Optional: Sign up as an affiliate to Refersion's marketplace to check out your listing. It's free and will give you a chance to view your listing from an affiliate's point of view.

Your Offer on Marketplace

After you list your offer in the Marketplace channel it will appear in Refersion’s Marketplace. Marketplace users will be able to find your offer if it matches their search criteria on the Find Offers page. After a Marketplace user applies to your offer, you will be able to Approve or Deny their request in the Affiliate List page. You will know that the request came from Marketplace when the tag shown below is in their Registration column.

To learn how affiliates use the Refersion Marketplace please visit our article on the Refersion Marketplace Dashboard

What's Next?

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