Getting Started

The beginning of your affiliate marketing journey. First, connect Refersion to your ecommerce store. Then, set Refersion up to work for you.

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How do I configure PayPal? How do I promote my affiliate registration page? How do I change my password? For common questions about Refersion, we’ve got quick answers.

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Refersion integrates with your ecommerce store; but it also works with apps that make payment, SEO, deal creation, and other processes easy.

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Managing Affiliates & Offers

Everything you need to know about managing affiliates, from setting commissions to getting referral links and handling payouts.

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Conversion Triggers

Explore conversion tracking alternatives to the classic referral link: coupon code, customer email, and SKU.

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If you’re stuck on a problem, find solutions in our handy troubleshooting guides, 24/7.

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Best Practices

We’ve learned a lot from our merchants’ and affiliates’ successes at every step of the affiliate marketing journey. Here are some takeaways to help you up your game.

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For Affiliates

How to get started with Refersion as an Affiliate, plus answers to your top questions about connecting with merchants, getting paid, and more.

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