With the Refersion - MailChimp integration, affiliates that register or are added to your Refersion account will automatically be created in the list you specify in MailChimp, so you can create an affiliate newsletter and send out affiliate-exclusive offers.

Before you start, decide if you'd like your affiliates to be in a new list or a new group in MailChimp. If you are using the same MailChimp account to market to customers, you might want to create a separate list as unsubscribes are handled separately for each list. 

To setup the integration, log into your Refersion account and go to Account > Settings > MailChimp

Change Enable MailChimp to Yes and enter your MailChimp API key and List ID. Once done, click Save Changes, and the Merge Tag Mapping fields will appear. 

Choose the relevant Refersion Affiliate Value to the Merge Tag, such as First and Last names (Offer ID, Registration Date, Account Status and more are also available). The Merge Tag column is retrieved from MailChimp, and the Affiliate Value is from Refersion. 

Please make sure that any Merge Tags you map to the Registration Link are text fields. 

For example, instead of choosing the Address field type, you'll want to add a text field and rename it to something like Addresstxt. 

If you are mapping the Registration Link to MailChimp, be sure that the Field Type is set to text (instead of website) in the Mailchimp's List fields and *|MERGE|* tags settings.

If you are mapping the Discount Code to MailChimp, be sure that the Field Type is NOT required in the Mailchimp's List fields and *|MERGE|* tags settings.

For more information about how you use Merge Tags on MailChimp, please click here.

 Once done click Save Changes and you're set, affiliates will now be added to your MailChimp list.

Questions?  Email us at [email protected] 

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