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Customize & Promote Your Affiliate Registration Page
Customize & Promote Your Affiliate Registration Page

Prep and promote an affiliate registration page.

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Your registration page is where people apply to your program, and the place where they share their qualifications. Share a bit about your company, and then ask applicants questions to help you vet potential affiliates and influencers. You can revisit and tweak it anytime as you learn what works for you.

Important Note: Before you begin customizing your registration form, you may want to upload your brand's logo. The logo that you upload will show up on the registration form. You will also want to set your program terms and privacy policy, since this information will also show up on your registration form.

To start customizing your registration form, go to Channels>Affiliate Registration Page.

Customization Options:


Adjust the default color of page elements such as background, buttons, and links.


An intro to your company, what type of affiliates you're looking for, or whatever you’d like your applicants to know about you.

Custom form fields

If you have a clear idea of the type of affiliates you want in your network, then you can add custom form fields (by clicking the +Add Custom Field button) to screen registrants.

You can select some common fields from the Field mapping drop-down list, or create your own by selecting Custom Field entering a Label. Consider asking some or all of the following questions to potential affiliates on your registration form:

  • How long have you been in the industry?

  • How do you plan on promoting our products? What’s your promotion strategy?

  • What’s the size of your audience?

  • What other brands do you promote?

  • Do you currently work with any of our competitors?

  • What drove your interest in our program and our brand?

To determine your response type, select a text box or checkbox, then whether or not a response to this question will be required.

A detailed application process is essential. Start by setting parameters for the types of affiliates you want, and screening each applicant manually. Some businesses even have affiliates get on a phone interview before handing over the keys to their program. This may be time consuming, but it can ensure your affiliates are professional, and won’t spam the internet or do anything that could negatively affect your brand's reputation. You can checkout our help guide on how to best vet new affiliate-sign ups for additional best practices.

Of course you want to find a balance. The lesser the number of fields, the higher the conversions of people who will sign-up to join your program. However, More sign-ups does not equal quality affiliates. After all, one reason to ask potential affiliates more questions is to learn more about them and how their actions will impact your revenue and brand image. A shorter registration form is likely to attract more bogus entries.

If you’re just a small business and are starting an affiliate program from the ground-up, then a minimal registration form may serve you best. However, if you sell premium products or want only the best affiliates to join your program, then a longer form will be more effective.

Third-Party Tracking

Refersion also supports options to track your page performance, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel tracking. You can find step-by-step instructions for getting this setup on both platforms below:

Open Graph Meta Tags

You can also control how URLs are displayed on social media using Open Graph Meta Tags.

Promote Your Page

You’ve built it. Now, here’s how to get your page into the universe.


Two simple ways to place your registration page anywhere on the web:

1. Go to Dashboard>Affiliate Sign-up.

2. Select the Offer you’d like to include for this channel (or multiple channels).

Once you have the URL of the registration form that you want to promote, then you can paste it anywhere! If you have a public-facing affiliate program, then we recommend making it as easy as possible to find your registration form:

  • You can include the link to the form in an email newsletter or a post-sales marketing drip.

  • You can directly send the link to potential partners.

  • You can promote the program on your social media channels.

  • You can include a page on your website that talks about the affiliate program and then links out to the registration form.

You also have the option to Embed your sign-up form into your site, and paste the code snippet onto your web or landing page of choice.

Tip: Some merchants choose to place a link to the registration form in the header or footer navigation of their website:

Social Media

If you're on the Dashboard>Affiliate Sign-up tab, then you'll also have the option to quickly promote your page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Pinterest. To do that, simply click a Social Media Icon.

Note: If you’re logged in to the corresponding account, you’ll navigate there, and a draft post will appear containing the registration page link. If you’re not logged in, you will need to log in and paste the URL from Refersion into a new post you create.

What's next?

Now that your registration form is looking good and is open for applications, you can start recruiting affiliates to join your program. Check out how help guide on how to grow your affiliate network.

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