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How to set up Facebook pixel events for your affiliate registration page
How to set up Facebook pixel events for your affiliate registration page

Use Facebook/Meta Events Manager to track the performance of your affiliate registration page

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Our Facebook Pixel tracker doesn’t automatically send page submission events. We only submit Page View events. However, there is extra configuration you can do in Facebook in order to get this to work properly. Below are the step-by-step instructions

Setting up a new data source

First go to Meta Events Manager, hover over the left side bar, and click Connect Data Sources.

For the new source select “Web”:

You will then be able to name your pixel for internal tracking purposes before you create it:

Once your pixel has been created, you will be able to copy it's ID from the Settings tab

Once you have your pixel ID, enter it in Refersion under Channels>Affiliate Registration Page>Third-Party Tracking.

Defining events on the affiliate registration page

Facebook’s event setup tool is a great way to easily define events for specific elements on the affiliate registration page. For this example, we’ll be setting up an event that targets the “Apply” button and define the event as a “Registration Complete” event.

After you’ve added your pixel, the next step of the event wizard will present you with the option to use the event setup tool:

Enter your Refersion affiliate page registration URL to get started. You can also access this tab by selecting your pixel, clicking the Settings tab, scrolling down, and then selecting Open Event Setup Tool under Event setup:

From there you can enter your URL and click Open website. The event setup tool will launch in your website browser. (Even if the 'Open Website' button is disabled, pressing 'Enter' on your keyboard still works to open the web tool):

Once the tool is open, you can click “Track New Button” to trigger the wizard to highlight all trackable buttons on the page:

Click on the apply button and select an event to match this button. For this example, I’ve already selected “Complete Registration” but the dropdown list contains other event types for you to choose from:

You can confirm your event is defined when you see a little icon next to the button after saving the event.

Testing your events

Once your event is set-up, navigate to the “Test Events” tab, enter your registration page URl if it’s not already pre-filled then click “Open Website”. Sign up as an affiliate using an email that doesn’t exist in your program already such as [email protected].

Once you’ve completed the test, you should see two new events in Facebook:

When testing your registration page live, you won’t start to show up for a while (up to 30 mins) if you test on your live site without the testing tool. However, once they start to appear, you can see them on your dashboard in the overview tab:

What's next?

Now that you're tracking your registration form's performance, you can start recruiting affiliates and seeing if your registration page is converting well or not. Check out how help guide on how to grow your affiliate network.

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