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How To Set Up Integration With Klaviyo
How To Set Up Integration With Klaviyo

Import all your Refersion affiliates into Klaviyo

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Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that enables businesses to automate email and SMS marketing. When you enable the Klaviyo integration, every time a new affiliate is approved to join your program, the affiliate will automatically be added to a designated list in your Klaviyo account. This can be a powerful tool for automating email and SMS communications to your affiliates.

Here are a few examples of things you can do with the Refersion <> Klaviyo integration:

  • Send a branded, personalized welcome email when new affiliates join your program.

  • Send onboarding emails to help your affiliates learn more about your program, your brand and how to use their affiliate dashboard effectively.

  • Send reminders to affiliates who have not completed their payment information.

  • Send a monthly newsletter to keep affiliates engaged and informed.

  • Send exclusive offers to affiliates for new products or special commission incentives.

  • (Advanced) Automate email notifications when affiliates reach new bonus tier milestones

Integrating Klaviyo and Refersion

Before you start, decide if you'd like your affiliates to be in a new list or added to an existing list in Klaviyo. If you are using the same Klaviyo account to market to customers, we recommend creating a separate list for affiliates.

To set up the integration, login to your Refersion account and navigate to Account > Settings > Klaviyo. In a new tab or window, login to your Klaviyo account. From your Klaviyo dashboard, navigate to Lists & Segments. Click on the name of the list you intend to use for the integration and then click the Settings link in the top navigation bar.

On the settings page, locate the List ID in bold text under the “List ID & Name” section. Copy this value and head back to Refersion.

In Refersion, change the dropdown to “Yes” for “Enable Klaviyo,” and then paste the List ID into the “List ID of where Affiliates should be added” field. Leave the API key field blank for now and return to Klaviyo.

For this integration, you’ll need to use a private API key from your Klaviyo account. You can find your API key settings in Klaviyo by finding your name at the bottom left-hand corner of your account and clicking on Settings.

Then, on the account settings page click on API Keys.

Click the Create Private API Key button to create a new private key. On the creation screen, you'll be presented with multiple options for creating a key. You can create a full access key or a custom key. We'll cover both of these options below:

  1. Full Access Key
    This will provide read-and-write access to all of the categories listed on this page. While Refersion mainly only uses profiles and lists, having additional permissions will help ensure your API key can be used for any future Klaviyo features Refersion adds to its platform.

  2. Custom Key
    If providing full access isn't an option, you can customize the permissions you give to your API key. At a minimum, Refersion's integration requires "Full Access" to profiles and lists so we can add new affiliates to existing lists or update affiliates from another list to be added to your designated list.

Once you've created your key, copy the private key and return to your Klaviyo settings page in Refersion.

In Refersion, paste your private Klaviyo API key into the “Your Klaviyo API key” field that was left empty previously.

Finally, you’ll select the fields you’d like sent to Klaviyo. We recommend sending all fields into Klaviyo to get the most out of the integration. However at a minimum be sure to include these fields in your selection:

  • Referral link - If you plan to send your affiliate welcome emails from Klaviyo, having the affiliate’s referral link is crucial for ensuring they have exactly what they need to start promoting.

  • Coupon code - If you allow your affiliates to promote with a coupon code, you’ll want to send this over to Klaviyo so their unique coupon code can be included in a welcome email.

  • Offer ID - If you have different affiliate offer groups such as customers, ambassadors, bloggers etc. you may want to separate the email communication per group. The offer ID is vital for this type of email segmentation. You’ll simply set up your campaigns and email flows to send out different emails or SMS messages based on the affiliate’s offer ID.

If you’d like to have custom fields sent to Klaviyo, reach out to our team for assistance.

Once you’ve made your selections, save your changes.

That’s it, you should be all set. Now, anytime a new affiliate is approved in Refersion, their information will automatically be added to your Klaviyo account.

Note: Any affiliates added in Refersion before the Klaviyo integration was enabled will need to be manually imported into your Klaviyo account. You can export affiliates from the Manage > Affiliates page as a CSV then import them into Klaviyo following these instructions.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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