With the Refersion - Klaviyo integration, affiliates that register or are added to your Refersion account will automatically be created in the list you specify in Klaviyo, so you can create an affiliate newsletter and send out affiliate-exclusive offers.

Part 1: Turn on Klaviyo Integration

Step 1

Log in to your Refersion account and go to Account > Settings > Klaviyo

Step 2

Click Settings

Step 3

Click Klaviyo in the left side menu under the Integrations section. 

Step 4

Finally enable Klaviyo by selecting Yes in the dropdown under Klaviyo API Settings

Part 2: Get your Klaviyo API and create a list 

Step 1

Open a second tab in your browser and log into your Klaviyo account. 

Step 2

Create a list or use a pre-existing list to import your Refersion affiliates to. 

Step 3

Click to view the list and then click the settings tab. You want to copy the list ID #. You'll need to add it to your Refersion account.

Step 4

Go back to Refersion and enter that list ID # into the 'List ID of where Affiliates should be added' field. 

Step 5

We now need to copy your Klaviyo API code and insert it into your Refersion account. To obtain your Klaviyo API account please follow these instructions

Step 6

Paste the Klaviyo API code you just copied into your Refersion account. 

Step 7

Select which fields you want sent to Klaviyo.

Part 3: You're Done!

Congratulations, you should now be integrated. Your approved affiliates that register with you or you're manually-added affiliates will immediately be added to your chosen Klaviyo list. 

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions. 

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