What is the Post-Purchase widget?

The widget acts as an automated tool to entice your customers to become affiliates.

How it works

After completing checkout at your store, customers will see a pop-up promoting your affiliate program. Depending upon your primary promotion method, you’ll see either: Activate & Get My Link or Activate & Get My Coupon Code in the pop-up.

Once they click, customers will automatically be registered as an Affiliate. Refersion will pull in their name and email address from the order they just placed. And without leaving this page, they can start promoting your brand on social media and other channels!

Note: Coming in this way, customers will automatically be approved for your Affiliate Program, regardless of your account settings.

How to set this puppy up

Before you set up your widget, you may want to set up a Post-Purchase offer from Manage > Offers.


1. Go to Channels > Post-Purchase Widget.

2. Select an Offer (post-purchase or other).

3. Select a Signup option (referral link or coupon code).

4. Click Save.

5. Go to Design.

6. Customize your pop-up, then click Save.

7. Review and customize your Welcome Email (the email is set to On by default, which means it will be sent automatically to those who click through).

8. Click Save.

Next, install tracking:

Still within Channels > Post-Purchase, go to Installation / Tracking Code to access instructions specific to your store.

Shopify Users:

1. You'll see your code in a black box on the page, similar to the example below. Copy it and head to Shopify.

2. From Shopify, go to Settings > Checkout.

3. Under Order Processing, paste the code into the Additional scripts box.

4. Click Save.

Other Stores (All Non-Shopify)

If you use a different platform, you will grab your installation code from the Other Shop tab:

BigCommerce Users:

If your ecommerce platform is BigCommerce, your process is different from other non-Shopify stores:

1. From Refersion: Installation / Tracking Code > Other Shop, copy the code you see in the black box.

2. From BigCommerce: Go to Settings > Affiliate Conversion Tracking in your shop administration. 

3. Add the tracking code provided into the Conversion Tracking Code box.

4. Update the code line only with your unique shop code (find this in Refersion at Account > Settings > Tracking).

5. Click Save to complete the connection.

WooCommerce Users:

Please follow the steps below to enable Post-Purchase feature for WooCommerce:

1. First, you’ll need to install the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin and activate it.

2. From WooCommerce, go to Conversion Tracking.

3. Activate custom conversion tracking .

4. From Refersion: Go to Channels > Post-Purchase > Installation / Tracking Code.

5. Click the Other Shop tab.

6. Copy the code from the black box.

7. Back in WooCommerce, add the copied code to the Successful Order scripts box.

8. Update the code you added in the following places:

Customer's First Name changes to {customer_first_name}

Customer's Last Name changes to {customer_last_name}

Customer's Email Address changes to {customer_email}

9. Save your changes.

Everyone Else:

This part of the post-purchase widget setup gets a bit technical. If you can, we recommend forwarding these instructions to a developer.

1. From your Refersion Dashboard, go to Channels > Post-Purchase > Installation / Tracking Code.

2. click the Other Shop tab.

3. Copy the code from the black box.

4. Add the code to your confirmation or thank you page scripts box.

5. Save your changes.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email at [email protected].

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