There are several automated emails within Refersion that simplify your communication with your affiliates. You have the ability to customize those messages and provide additional info about your program. We highly recommend customizing those emails, especially the New Affiliate email.

To do this, go to Channels > Email. From there you can turn on and off the different templates as well as customize the copy within each template. 

You have the following automated emails available to you to send to your affiliates:


  • New Affiliate
  • Pending Affiliate
  • Denied Affiliate


  • Approved Conversion
  • Pending Conversion
  • Denied Conversion


  • New Payment Alert
  • Payment - Gift Card

You can turn on and off the email under Email Status, choose to show the Referral Link, and choose to show Tracking Information (or a coupon code that is associated to the affiliate, if applicable)

Clicking on Dynamic Tags shows the available dynamic tags for each email. Dynamic tags are replaced in the email with the relevant value for the affiliate. Feel free to copy and paste any of these tags in your email!

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