How to Create and Edit Offers

A quick guide for creating, managing and updating offers

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Offers house the commission rates affiliates and influencers will earn when promoting your products. Offers can also be leveraged to strategically segment your program.

Your Refersion account allows for an unlimited number of offers, and an unlimited number of affiliates per individual offer. You can start with the default offer, or a standard offer for your industry, and experiment from there.

Please Note: While you can have unlimited affiliates and offers, affiliates can only belong to one offer group at a time.

Offer page overview:

From your Dashboard, go to Manage > Offers. On this page, you'll see a table with all of the offers you've created or just a single default offer; if you're just getting started.

In the table, you'll be able to quickly see how the offer is performing by reviewing the offer revenue and affiliate count columns.

If you'd like to see fewer columns on this page, you can use the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner above the offers table to show and hide columns:

Creating Offers:

  1. To start from scratch, click + Add New.

  2. Enter or Edit the Offer Name.
    We recommend using names that help you easily identify the offer for future reference. You can use specific names to help you segment your affiliates.

  3. Select your Commission Type.
    Note: Percent of Sale is the most common type of commission offer. Learn more about the different types of commission structures.

  4. Optional: Add your Commission Terms.
    Note: If you have added these to your Terms & Conditions, you don’t need to add them here, but we highly recommend having them in one of these two places. Things like: how and when the offer will be paid out, what is allowed or not allowed for that offer, etc.

  5. Expand the Advanced Options if you’d like to refine the offer more:

  • Cookie Days: Set an attribution window for conversion. By default, this is set to 90 days. Here’s more on how the Cookie Days setting works.

    For Amazon stores, cookie-day settings are locked at 14 days. You'll see a notice that looks like the one below:

  • Automatically approve affiliates who apply for this offer? Can speed up your onboarding process, but it will also mean greater risk (less quality assurance) for your program.

  • Automatically deny conversions for renewing subscriptions. This setting will deny conversions for subscription orders after a specific number of renewal cycles. For example, you can choose to credit for the first month only, then deny conversions for the remainder of the subscription lifetime. Otherwise, affiliates will continue to earn commission each month the customer renews their subscription.

    At this time, subscriptions are not supported for Amazon stores. You'll see a notice like the one below above this setting:

  • Make private. Enabled, this setting will encrypt the offer link so you can share it discreetly (this setting is not available for your default offer). Once an offer is private only affiliates with the encrypted link will be able to apply. Anyone else who tries to visit your private offer will be redirected to the Refersion homepage.

When you are finished building your offer, click Save Changes.

Editing Offers:

To Edit an existing offer you can scroll through your list and click the name of the offer to be taken to the offer details page.

Searching and Filtering Offers:

If you have a lot of offers, you can use the search bar to find the offer by its name or ID.

You can also filter the list by offer type, offer revenue, or offer creation date.

After a filter is applied, you'll see a green filter indicator at the top of the filter icon.

If you'd like to adjust or remove your filters, simply click the green icon again.

As you filter your list of offers, the URL in your address bar will update to reflect your filters. If you would like to return to a specific filtered view of your offers, you can copy the URL in your browser's address bar and bookmark it or share it with a colleague.

Once you've set up your offers, return to the offers page at any time to review performance, edit offers, or create new ones.

Pro tip: You can move an affiliate to a new offer from the Affiliate page. Just go to Manage > Affiliates, and click on their current offer to modify.

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