Offers act as incentives for your affiliates and influencers when customers they refer purchase your products. For example, you can create an offer that gives an affiliate 20% of a sale for all customers they refer that make a purchase on your website.

Your Refersion account allows for an unlimited number of offers. 

There are several types of incentives you can create with your offers. This revolves around the type of commission structure that works best for you. 

You can choose from four types of commission structure. 

  1. Flat Rate Per Order
  2. Flat Rate Per Item
  3. Percent of Sale
  4. Tiered

Percent of Sale is the most common type of commission offer. To learn more about the different type of commission structures click here

Follow the steps below to create or edit an offer.

Go to the Offers Page

Head to Manage > Offers in your Refersion account

Create or Modify an Offer

To create a new offer click the + Create New button. This will open the New Offer page.

If you ever need to modify/edit an offer simply click on the Offer ID of the offer you want to edit. 

Creating A New Offer

When you first join Refersion, you'll notice there's an offer, called the Standard Affiliate Commission, already created for you. You can simply ignore this offer or modify it. For the following instructions, we'll walk you through starting from a brand new offer. 

Step 1 - Give the offer a name. Make sure the name you use easily identifies the offer. For instance, if this offer will only be listed on the Marketplace, then add that to the name. You can use specific names to help you segment your affiliates

Step 2 - Approve Commissions Automatically? Refersion advises its clients to approve all conversions manually to make sure that all transactions were legitimate. However, if you would like to auto-approve all conversions for an offer please follow the steps in the following article: How To Automatically Approve Conversions.

Step 3 - Choose your commission structure. Select the Type of commission structure and input the amount(s). You can learn more about the different commission structures here

Step 4 - Add your commission terms. We highly recommend filling in the Commission Terms box with any relevant specific terms and conditions. The additional terms in an offer can be specific terms that are not part of the general program terms, This includes how the offer is paying out, when, what is allowed or not allowed for that offer. You don't have to add anything if the general program terms cover this, but if you set up an offer for a specific affiliate or group of affiliate (such as influencers, youtube affiliates, etc.) then you may have information that specifically applies to them. This is also why appropriately naming your offer is so important.

Step 5 - Click to open the Advanced Options. Advanced Options allows you to set the number Cookie Days, auto approve affiliates, and choose how renewing subscriptions are handled. 

Cookies Days allow you to set how long a visitor has to purchase after clicking on the affiliate link in order to credit the affiliate. You can read more about Cookie Days by clicking here. We use the default of 30 days for Cookie Days in newly created offers. 

If you select yes for Automatically approving affiliates who apply to this offer, then affiliates are taken to the affiliate dashboard after signup and receive the welcome email right away. If you select no, then they will be listed as a pending affiliate in Manage > Affiliates until you approve them. No is the default and the setting we recommend for new merchants.

Choosing Yes for Automatically deny conversions for renewing subscriptions will only credit the affiliate for the first customer order; choosing No here means the affiliate will be credited for every recurring order. If you want to limit the number of subscription orders the affiliate gets credited for, shoot us an email and we can enable this for you. You can ignore this option if you don't have renewing subscriptions. 

Step 6 - When you're done, be sure to click on Save Changes.

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