Tiered Commission Structure 

Tiered commission structures are a great way to motivate your affiliates to promote your products and earn a higher commission. You set a base commission and a duration for the offer; for every new conversion, Refersion would look at the total approved revenue generated by that affiliate over the set duration (the duration is a rolling period) and calculate the commission amount accordingly. 

You can create a Tiered commission based on Conversion Count or Affiliate Sales 

Tiered Structure By Conversion Count

With this option, your tiers will be set based on the number of total approved conversions the affiliate did in a selected time period. Based on the example below the affiliate would not receive any commissions on the first 9 conversions. They would receive 10% on conversions 10-20, 15% on sales for approved conversions 21-30, and 17% on everything following that. It’s important to note that each tier should start with the number that the previous tier ended with.

Tiered Structure By Affiliate Sales 

With this option, the tiers are based on the total dollar sale amount during the selected duration. Based on the example below an affiliate brings in her first order on the first of the January for $80, the commission would be $0 for that conversion. 

On the 20th of January, she brings in another conversion for $120, the commission for that order will be calculated at 15% or $18. 


You can change how long you want the Tier Structure to last before it resets. You can select anywhere from 30 days to the lifetime of the affiliate account. For example, if you select 365 days, then the affiliates commission amount will reset to zero every year.

Note: only approved commissions are counted towards the commission tiers. 

See The Affiliate’s Current Tier

You can see which tier each of your affiliates is in.

To see that information, click on Manage > Affiliates. From there, find the affiliate for which you want to see the information and click on the affiliate’s name. You will see the current tier information in the upper right corner.

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