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Your Options for Communicating With Affiliates
Your Options for Communicating With Affiliates

Ways to update and engage affiliates in your network.

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You’re all set up to track and manage. You’ve onboarded some rockstar affiliates and influencers. How can you ensure they’re tapped in and set to promote your products?

Ways to Communicate

There are a couple of ways to stay in touch with your network. One is from customizable, in-app email. The other is with the help of trusted marketing tools like Klaviyo and Mailchimp.

  1. In-App Email
    You can customize Refersion email templates from Channels>Email Templates.

    From this page, you can customize any template you like. You can also set the email status to On or Off, depending on your needs.

    When you have an email set to On, affiliates will automatically receive it when the corresponding activity happens (follow-ups to registration; conversion pending/approved/denied by you; payment notification, etc.).

  2. Our Message Center
    From your Message Center, you can either message affiliates directly, send affiliates an announcement by offer, or send an announcement to all affiliates in your program. Affiliates that you message will need to login to their affiliate dashboard to be able to see and respond to messages that you send

  3. Integration With a Marketing Automation Platform
    From your Account>Settings, you can set up integrations with apps that boost your onboarding and communications capabilities. Two such integration partners are Mailchimp and Klaviyo.

    Read about the integrations in detail: Mailchimp Integration and Klaviyo Integration.

  4. Contact Affiliates Directly
    If you'd like to contact affiliates directly, then you can get a downloadable list:
    From Manage>Affiliates, click Export from the top right of the affiliate list.

    You'll receive an email with a CSV containing all of your affiliates, their emails, statuses, addresses, and other info about them that may be useful now, and in the future.

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