Yes, Refersion can track recurring subscriptions and credit affiliates every month. Subscription orders can be tracked through an integrated app, platform, or by using a custom API integration.

Within the Advanced Settings of your Offers, you can determine the number of occurrences that you would like affiliate's to be commissioned on for subscriptions.

Leaving this setting set to "no" will commission affiliates for each ongoing subscription occurrence until/unless the Subscription is cancelled.

Integrated Apps on Shopify

If you have a Shopify store, Refersion is integrated with the Recharge and Bold Subscriptions apps.

Integrated Platforms

If you have your own website hosted on a platform like Webflow, WordPress, or something similar, Refersion integrates with Chargebee and Stripe for tracking subscription orders.

Custom API integration

If your subscriptions are powered by another provider, you can integrate subscription tracking with Refersion using Option 2 (Server-side webhooks) within our tracking documentation.

Once integrated, Refersion will receive the subscription order information automatically every time a customer’s subscription renews. If an affiliate drove the sale for the initial subscription, the affiliate will receive a commission on each renewal.

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