If you’re using Recharge to manage your subscriptions you’ll want to ensure your order information is sent to Refersion. Follow the steps below to get integrated.

PLEASE NOTE: Our current integration with Recharge requires that your Recharge app utilizes the Recharge Checkout on Shopify, which is hosted directly by Recharge. If your Recharge app is utilizing the Shopify Checkout Integration unfortunately you will not be able to integrate Recharge with your Refersion account at this time.

In order to determine which checkout your Recharge app is using please reference this help article. If you’re unable to integrate please check back here for updates!

Add Refersion to Recharge

First, log in to your Shopify account and click on Apps. Find and click on Recurring Billing by Recharge.

Click the app to open its settings. Click the Integrations tab on the top

Find Refersion and click the button that says Get.

Next, input your Refersion API keys.

Note: The Refersion API keys can be found by logging in to your Refersion account and going to Account > Settings > Refersion API. The secret key will be hidden until you click Show.

Back in Recharge, click Save to finish setting up the integration. You should now see Refersion listed in the Enabled Integrations tab.

The last step is to run a test order through your store’s Recharge checkout, then you’re all set.

Any questions? Please reach out to us at [email protected] or using the in-app chat.

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