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Recharge Integration

Configure Recharge recurring subscriptions with Refersion

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If you’re using Recharge to manage your subscriptions, you’ll want to ensure your order information is sent to Refersion.

Please note: The Recharge app has two versions of its checkout “Recharge Checkout on Shopify” and “Shopify Checkout Integration”.

In order to determine which checkout your Recharge app is using please reference this support article. You'll follow the appropriate integration instructions below depending on which version you use.

  • Shopify Checkout Integration:
    This version of the app uses the Shopify checkout to process subscription orders. Continue below to get started.

  • Recharge Checkout on Shopify:
    This version of the app uses the Recharge checkout for processing subscription orders. Jump ahead to the second section to get started.

Integrate Refersion with Recharge Shopify Checkout Integration

Integration Prerequisites:

  • Before you get started, a Refersion team member needs to enable this integration for your Refersion account. Please reach out to [email protected] requesting that the Recharge Shopify Checkout Integration be enabled for your account.

  • In addition, you'll need admin-level permissions or you'll need to be the store owner in Recharge to make the necessary account setting updates for this integration. Please refer to Recharge's permissions guide.

If you are migrating from the Recharge Checkout on Shopify integration to the Shopify Checkout Integration and you previously enabled the Refersion app integration in your Recharge store, you MUST disconnect the previous integration after you've set up the new integration to avoid duplicate conversions.

Refersion's integration with Recharge for tracking recurring orders placed via the Shopify checkout is dependent on subscription data being present directly within your customer's Shopify orders.

In order to ensure this data is properly added to subscription orders, you'll need to enable Recharge's Order Reconciliation data feature. You can learn more about this feature from Recharge by visiting this link.

Below is a step-by-step guide for enabling this feature in Recharge.

From your Recharge dashboard, navigate to Settings > Order Processing.

On the order processing screen, enable the "Send additional order data to Shopify" setting and save.

Once enabled, your recurring subscription orders in Shopify orders will start to be updated with specific attributes from Recharge like the ones in the image below:

In Refersion, your conversions will start to be identified as subscription orders and a Subscription ID will be present when reviewing the conversion details.

The subscription ID is a unique identifier pulled directly from the data provided by Recharge which will be used to track future recurring orders.

Please note: For any newly created subscription orders, there will be up to a 10-minute delay before the initial affiliate conversion created in Refersion is marked as a subscription order. Once the conversion is properly identified as a subscription order and is assigned a subscription ID, future subscription renewals will auto-generate new conversions related to the same subscription.

Integrate Refersion with Recharge Checkout on Shopify

First, log in to your Shopify account and click on Apps. Find and click on Recurring Billing by Recharge.

Click the app to open its settings. Click the Integrations tab on the top

Find Refersion and click the button that says Get.

Next, input your Refersion API keys.

Note: The Refersion API keys can be found by logging in to your Refersion account and going to Account > Settings > Refersion API. The secret key will be hidden until you click Show.

Back in Recharge, click Save to finish setting up the integration. You should now see Refersion listed in the Enabled Integrations tab.

Subscription settings in Refersion

You can control how many recurring orders affiliates receive a commission for by editing the "Automatically deny conversions for renewing subscriptions" setting in your offer's advanced settings section.

  • If you wish to provide commission on all future subscription renewal orders, leave this setting as "no".

  • If you wish to only provide commission to affiliates for a specific number of renewal orders, change this option to "yes" and enter a number in the box, the affiliate will only receive a commission on the subscription for "x" number of orders from the subscription based on the number you've entered.

Confirming your integration

Once everything is configured in Recharge, you can follow these instructions to run a test order in your store. Once you've placed a successful test order, you’re all set.

Any questions? Please reach out to us at [email protected] or using the in-app chat.

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