Bold Subscriptions is a great tool for creating and managing subscription products for your Shopify store. With the Bold Subscriptions and Refersion integration you can pay affiliates for each recurring order for a subscription, or deny the commissions after a certain number of occurrences - whichever better fits your program goals.

PLEASE NOTE: Recently, Bold released a new version of their Subscriptions app (Bold Subscriptions V2) which does not yet integrate with Refersion. To integrate with Refersion you must be using Bold Subscriptions Version 1. In order to determine your store’s version please reference this help article.

Add Refersion to Bold Subscriptions

From your Shopify's admin panel, go to Apps and click on Bold Subscriptions v1:

On the left navigation panel go to the Integrations>View All Integrations tab:

Scroll down until you find Refersion:

Click on Refersion and enter your Refersion Public and Private keys, which can be found by going to Account > Settings > Refersion API (more info on where to find your API keys can be found here).

Click Save and you're all set! The last step is to run a test order.

Managing Recurrence

You can choose the number of recurring orders that should be credited to the affiliate by going to Manage > Offers > Offer Name > Advanced Options.

Under Automatically deny conversions for renewing subscriptions? choose No to always credit the affiliate or set to Yes and choose the number of occurrences for which you’d like them to receive credit.

Please note that when using Bold Subscriptions, Refersion will not consider the cookie days setting for marking conversions as Unqualified.

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