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How to Customize Your Email Templates
How to Customize Your Email Templates

Set email up as part of a winning communication strategy.

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The first thing you should know about emails sent from Refersion is that they are transactional. When a certain event happens in Refersion, an email can be sent automatically. For example: if you approve a new affiliate to your program, and the corresponding email is set to On, the New Affiliate (Welcome) email will ship to that new affiliate, automatically.

These transactional emails are not a substitute for ongoing engagement with your affiliates. But they are an important part of keeping everyone notified and on the same page.

📍 Where we are in the app: Channels>Email.

Categories of Emails You Can Customize

You’ll notice three categories of emails you can activate and customize as needed (8 total emails):

  • Affiliates: New, Pending, Denied

  • Conversion: Approved, Pending, Denied

  • Payments: New Payment, Gift Card Payment

Which Emails to Set to On and Which to Leave Off

It’s completely up to you which you’d like to set to On and leave Off. Once your program is in full force — hundreds of affiliates and conversions to match — you might not want to fire off an email for every little thing.

At minimum, we recommend leaving the below emails On — unless you are actively using Webhooks or Zapier:

Pending Affiliate - We recommend including a timetable in your email to let applicants know what to expect. This way, applicants will know that their application has been received and when they can expect it to be approved or denied.

New Affiliate - This will welcome affiliates you’ve accepted into the program. It's possibly the most important email template that you have access to! If you're going to be using the welcome email from within Refersion, then you'll want to follow some best practices:

  • Make sure your affiliates know where to go to have easy access to their Affiliate Portal (the affiliate login link is included by default in the welcome email)

  • Briefly explain the importance of using the affiliate portal (messages, links, codes, creative assets, reporting, etc)

  • Reiterate any major T&Cs / rules of the program

  • Reiterate the commission payment process / schedule

  • Make sure your affiliates know who to reach out to on your side (as the merchant) for help when needed

New Gift Card Payment - Because this payment form will not receive extra notifications from a third party (like PayPal or Payment Rails), it’s important to let affiliates know you’ve paid them.

How to Turn them On and Off

When you land on the Email page, you’ll see the current settings are for each email.

To change those settings:

  1. Click on an Email from the list.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the email form, and change the setting to either On or Off.


In addition to using the logo and contact info you’ve set from your Settings, there are other ways you can customize each template.

In general, your messaging should be consistent with your brand’s overall communication strategy and brand voice.

Subject line: For New Affiliate Email, make this exciting. Something like “Welcome to the club!”

Body text: This is where you can provide some context to the subject. Don’t be afraid to provide links to resources and your contact info. Try to anticipate your network’s needs.

You can even copy and paste images here! Just make sure that the image you're trying to paste is already hosted on a webpage.

Dynamic Tags

Click the Dynamic Tags button to reveal things like personalization, affiliate referral link — for easy access, a link to get them into Refersion directly from the email, and others.

Note: You’ll have to copy and paste the tag into the form behind this window.

Know Your Options

You can use our automated emails to full effect, or you can substitute them with one of our integration partners’ solutions, which tend to have more customization options.

Note: The easiest to substitute is the Approved Affiliate Email (or Welcome email). Other email substitutions require developer knowledge or help.

📍 Where we are in the app: Account>Settings>Integrations

Our most direct integrations are:

Indirect, but possible integrations using Zapier and Webhooks:

  • Omnisend

  • Hubspot

  • Salesforce

  • ActiveCampaign

What's Next?

In addition to basic communication, you should consider several ideas and best practices for motivating your affiliates! Read our help article on this topic for additional insight.

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