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How To Set Up An Integration With Zapier
How To Set Up An Integration With Zapier

This article walks you through how to enable and use our Zapier integration.

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With the Refersion - Zapier integration, you can remove workflow bottlenecks by automatically creating events in Refersion or having Refersion trigger specific actions in other apps that are connected to Zapier. Zapier works by letting the user create a Zap, which is an automated workflow that connects apps and services together. 

Let's take a look at the different actions triggered by our Zapier integration.

  1. Refersion can trigger an action in another app when a new affiliate joins your program.

  2. An app can create affiliates or send orders to Refersion once it has been triggered.

Now let's take a look at a real-life example of actions triggered by Refersion.

  1. Upon the creation of an affiliate, it can be added to a row within Google Sheets.

  2. Upon the creation of an affiliate, it can be added to a CRM like Hubspot.

Now let's take a look at a real-life example of actions triggered by another app causing an action in Refersion.

  1. Refersion can receive order information from other eCommerce platforms, like Square.

  2. Refersion will create an affiliate upon the completion of a Google Form or Typeform submission.

Let’s take a look at automatically adding new affiliates to a Google Sheet.

First, you will need to create a Zapier account

After that: Head over to Refersion Integration to activate your Refersion integration.

Step 1 Create Zaps from scratch

Give your Zap a descriptive name so it would be easier to find later.

Step 2 Set up your trigger

In our example, the event we are choosing is when a new affiliate created inside Refersion.

Type “Refersion” in the blue text window and then click on the Refersion icon.

Find “New Affiliate” under Choose Trigger event and hit Continue

Step 3 Connect your Zapier account to your Refersion account

Click “+ Add a New Account.” A new window like the one below should appear.

To find the Public Key and Secret Key values, log into your Refersion account in a new browser window. In Refersion, go to Account > Settings > Refersion API. Then copy the respective values into the Zapier window and click "Yes, Continue".

Your account login email should now appear under “Refersion account”. You can then click "Continue".

Step 4 Set up your action

There are many apps that integrate with Zapier and each provides their own options of what they let you do inside Zapier. In our example, let's choose Google Sheets for the App & Event.

After choosing an App, you will need to choose an Action Event. Each app will have its own list of available actions. In this example, we will choose Create Spreadsheet Row and click Continue.

If this is the first time using a Google App inside Zapier, click on "+ Add New Account". A new pop up window will appear where you can enter your Google email and password.

After this, the chosen app will present you with options. In our case, Google Sheets lets you choose which Spreadsheet and Worksheet you will trigger, and what fields inside the sheet will be added. To the right of each field, such as First Name, Last Name, and Email there is a symbol like this:

By clicking on it, you can map the field to sample data that Zapier had pulled from Refersion. The goal in this set up is for data from the new affiliate registration to populate the correct fields in the Google Sheet.

After this is done press Test & Continue.

In our example, a new row should have appeared in your Google Sheet with the data that Zapier pulled from your Refersion account. If the action is what you expected, press "Done Editing".

On the following screen, you can press "TURN ZAP ON" to turn on the automated workflow you created.

Once the Zap is turned on, a new row will be added on your Google Sheet anytime a new affiliate joins your network.

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