You may remember some of the ways to communicate with your network from our Getting Started article (including in-app email and integrations with Mailchimp and Klaviyo).

In addition to basic communication, here are a few ideas for motivating your crew:

Set up a tiered commission structure so Affiliates can see an opportunity to earn more based on their performance.

Provide creative (so they don’t have to). Refersion lets Affiliates self-serve in many ways, making your job easier. But if the creative piece is a blocker for one of your key promoters, this is a simple solution that won’t take you long.

Send an announcement. From your Message Center, you can send Affiliates an announcement to cut through the noise — something like: “Hop Aboard the Flash Sale Train!” Affiliates assigned to that offer will see the announcement from their Dashboard.

Publish a newsletter. (Hint: It can be super short. Consistent, periodic communication is the key.) From Account>Settings, you’ll find two integrations: our Mailchimp integration and our Klaviyo integration, which can help make the process seamless.

Reach out directly, anytime. From Manage>Affiliates, click Export at the top right of the affiliate list. You'll receive an email with a CSV containing all of your affiliates, their emails, statuses, addresses, and other info about them. You can send a personalized thank you email to your top performers, or even send some swag to their house.

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