As we noted in our blog article Why Communicating with Your Affiliate Reps Matters, staying in contact with your affiliate network is an important aspect of your affiliate marketing program. Below are a few ways that Refersion lets you communicate with your affiliates. 

Refersion Messages

To message affiliates inside Refersion, you can use our Messages Center.
From there you can send direct messages to individual affiliates or use the
Send An Announcement
option to send a message to either all active affiliates or affiliates that are subscribed to a particular offer. Affiliates will see your message the next time they sign in to their Refersion Affiliate Dashboard. 

Integrate with an email list app

Refersion is integrated with several apps that help you manage contact lists and send out emails to your selected audience. Two of these apps are Klaviyo and MailChimp, and both can be found in the Settings section of the Account screen. You can step-by-step help for both integration at the following pages: MailChimp Integration and Klaviyo Integration 

Export Affiliate Info

You can also export your affiliates contact info by selecting Export All in the top right corners of your Affiliates page.   

This option will export all your affiliates to a CSV file which you can then download from the Reporting > Report Status page. You can then email some or all the affiliates from your own email account. 

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