You signed up to Refersion, connected your shop to your Refersion account, and even completed a test order. You might be wondering, now what? 

There are a few things that you need to do to get the most out of your Refersion account. Below are some tips on what to do next, broken into two parts: program customizations and affiliate recruitment tips. For more tips, check out our blog! We recommend starting with our 15 Best Practices for Affiliate Marketing. And as always, if you have any questions just send us an email.

Program Customizations:

Step 1 - Create different offers to recruit affiliates. Offers are incentives that reward your affiliates for referring customers that purchase your product.

Step 2 - Create conversion triggers, like coupon codes, that are perfect for image-driven social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. (Professional/Enterprise Plans Only)

Step 3 - Customize and embed on your Affiliate Registration page into your website. This form allows potential affiliates to review and join your affiliate marketing program. 

Step 4 (Optional) - Customize the automated emails that go out to affiliates when certain conditions are met. For example, an email is sent to an affiliate when you approve their membership. 

Step 5  (Optional) - Upload Creatives or banners to make it easier for affiliates to promote your products. 

Step 6 (Optional) - Enable PayPal Payouts for your Refersion account so you can easily pay affiliates.

Affiliate Recruitment

What's Next:

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