Your affiliate registration page acts as a gateway for your customers, influencers, and prospective affiliates to apply to join your affiliate network. It’s important to offer a great “on-brand” experience for your affiliates right out of the gate so you start building an engaged community of brand ambassadors.

Refersion makes it easy to customize your registration page in the following ways:

  1. Match your brand colors
  2. Edit your program description
  3. Customize your form fields 
  4. Integrate third-party tracking (optional)
  5. Add open graph meta tags (optional)

STEP 1 - Match your brand colors

The first step in customizing the page is matching your brand’s colors. 

Click Channels > Affiliate Registration

From here you can change the text color, link color, button color, and background color of your affiliate registration page. It is important that you use your brand colors here to bolster the confidence of your applying affiliates. 

When selecting different colors or inputting hex codes you’ll see a preview beneath the color select palettes.

STEP 2 - Edit your program description

The Content section lets you add any additional information about your program and company. This information is displayed on your affiliate registration page within the Commission & Business Details section.

Click Channels > Affiliate Registration > Content

This is a great place to share a little background on your company, your affiliate network, and any related milestones you’ve conquered. If you have a short company description or boilerplate copy, that’s a good place to start. Add that now and you can always expand on it later.

You can also format the text and include images in your description.

STEP 3 - Customize your form fields

By default your affiliate registration page requires applicants to provide their full name, email address, and password. While you technically don’t need to know everything about your affiliates, having more than just a list of names and email addresses will give you a much better chance of building a successful network. 

Asking who your affiliate is forces them to give you their contact information so you can verify who they are, send them any promotional products, and properly file any tax information.

Refersion also makes it easy to collect additional information, such as social media handles or follower counts, allowing you to segment your affiliate database by specialty or area of expertise so that you can more effectively promote your program to them in a personalized way. 

You can add as many custom fields you’d like, however, keep in mind the more information you require may negatively impact people submitting the form.

Click Channels > Affiliate Registration > Custom Form Fields

We recommend including the following custom fields to start: 

  1. Street Address
  2. City
  3. State
  4. Zip/postal code
  5. Country
  6. Phone Number
  7. PayPal email
  8. How and where will they promote your products?
  9. Who will they promote your products to?

To create a custom field:

  1. Click Add Custom Field 
  2. Choose from the different Field Mapping options in the dropdown
  3. Enter a name under Label that will be displayed for the field on the Registration Page
  4. Select which type of answer you wish the applicant to give under Field Type
  5. Choose if the field should be Required

You can rearrange the fields by dragging the ≡ icon on the left of the custom form field. Note that custom form fields are not editable once created, but you can delete and recreate them (data might be lost when deleting custom form fields, however).

STEP 4 - Integrate third-party tracking (optional)

Refersion makes it easy to track the performance of your affiliate registration page using Google Analytics and Facebook. Doing this will allow you to gain greater insight into who is visiting your page and how they are interacting with it. 

Integrate your registration page into your overall website analytics today to start learning more about who is visiting your registration page.

Click Channels > Affiliate Registration > Tracking

Adding these tracking ids will give you detailed data on Google Analytics and Facebook, but it’s completely optional.

STEP 5 - Add open graph meta tags (optional)

Open graph meta tags are used to control what is displayed when your affiliate registration page is shared on social media, like the thumbnail image or short description. 

We recommend filling this section out if your registration page is going to be shared on social media.

Click Channels > Affiliate Registration > Open Graph Meta Tags

  1. Enter the name of your website or company in the Site Title
  2. Type a short description in the Page Description field (200 characters recommended)
  3. Upload your Thumbnail Image (this is your logo by default)

If you need help customizing your affiliate registration page, or have any questions that were not answered, please reach out at [email protected]

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