Refersion helps you track your affiliate sales and calculate the corresponding commissions. Depending on your plan, there are a multiple ways to track affiliate orders: using affiliate links or conversion triggers

Affiliate links are the most common way to track affiliate orders: a visitor clicks on a link being promoted by an affiliate, and if they make a purchase within a certain time period (also known as the cookie day period) the affiliate will be credited for the sale. 

There are three types of Conversion Triggers that offer additional ways to track affiliate orders: coupon codes, emails, and SKU triggers

This guide will walk you through the first steps to get your affiliate program up and running!

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First, Connect Your Online Shop! 

After registering for Refersion, choose your eCommerce platform and connect the Refersion app. We have integrations with many of the larger eCommerce platforms, making integration a breeze. If you are having any issues, please get in touch!

Detailed guides for each platform can be found below:

Second, customize your site branding

Add your brand's name and logo. They'll be used in emails to affiliates, the affiliate registration page, and your Refersion dashboard

Third, add your store's domain. 

This is where your affiliates should be directing their customers, and should be your top level domain, not your ecommerce store (e.g.

Fourth, decide what the commission total should include. 

Most merchants choose not to include shipping and tax in the commission total, and to subtract any discounts. Also choose if your tax is included in the price of your products (typical of non-US shops). Choosing YES will discount the VAT amount from the total before calculating commission percentages.

Finally, be sure to select your currency!

 We support multiple currencies, a full list can be found here.

Set Your Commission Offers

Create your first offer! Name your offer (only visible to you) and set the commission type and amount. Remember that you can have different offers for different affiliates, and you can always edit this later. Refersion supports three types of offers:

  • Percent of Sale: most common, calculates a percentage of sale to credit the affiliate
  • Flat Rate: credit the affiliate a set amount either per order or per item (per order or per item can be set later from the Offers page)
  • Tiered Commission: not available on this page, but can be set later from the Offers page

You can also show advanced settings and enter offer terms and the cookie day period. We highly recommend you complete the offer terms section and provide more detail about your offer.

Get Fancy With Your Registration Page

Saving the best for last! Customize your affiliate registration page by choosing text, link, and background colors that best suit your brand.

That's it! You're ready to start using Refersion! If you're having any issues or have questions, please email us at [email protected]

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