As soon as your network starts generating sales, affiliate orders and conversions will appear on your Dashboard and the Conversion Page (woo-hoo!). You’ll need to pay affiliates based on your terms and conditions, and you’ll do that directly from Refersion.

But first, two seamless payment methods you can set up in advance:

  • PayPal Payouts: Refersion integrates with PayPal Payouts to make paying affiliates easy. Learn how to set up PayPal Payouts.

  • Payment Rails: With Payment Rails, you can route payments to an affiliate's bank or PayPal account, in bulk. Payments Rails also securely stores tax information you’ll need at the end of the year. Learn how to set up Payment Rails.

Two other ways to pay affiliates that don’t require any advance setup:

  • Gift Card via Email: Create a gift card in your store and provide the gift card code during payment. Refersion will automatically send an email with the gift card to your affiliates, and the affiliate will be marked as Paid.

  • Manual Payment: You can also pay the affiliate outside of Refersion (wire transfer, check, Venmo, etc), but be sure to mark them as Paid in Refersion so your reporting is accurate.

Once you’ve settled on the method that works for you, you’re ready to learn how to pay affiliates.

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