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How to Pay Affiliates via Shopify Plus Gift Card
How to Pay Affiliates via Shopify Plus Gift Card

How to enable and pay affiliates with gift cards via Shopify Plus.

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Note: This feature is ONLY available to Shopify Plus merchants and ONLY available to merchants who are on Refersion's Enterprise plan

Enable Shopify Plus Gift Card Payout Option

To enable Shopify Plus Gift Cards as a payout option within Refersion, reach out to our Customer Success team ([email protected]) and request to have the feature enabled. It may take 24-48 hours to have the feature enabled in your Refersion account.

Once enabled, you will be able to pay affiliates with gift cards from your selected Shopify Plus store from within Refersion. When the feature has been enabled, 'Pay with Shopify Gift Card' will be an available payment option from the Ready to Pay tab.

The Steps to Send a Gift Card via Shopify Plus

To pay affiliates with a gift card via Shopify Plus, the feature must first be enabled in your account. If it is not already turned on, then please refer to the previous section on how to enable it.

Step 1: Customize Your Gift Card Payment Alert Email

When paying affiliates via gift card, the gift card code and amount will be emailed to your affiliates using the gift card payment email template in your Refersion account, which can be found by navigating to Channels>Email Templates>Payment - Gift Card.

You can customize this email template to make sure that it matches your brand's overall image as much as possible. You can feel free to check out our help guide on how to customize your email templates for additional information.

Step 2: Go to the Ready to Pay tab

Step 3: Select the Affiliates to Pay

Select the affiliates that you would like to send a gift card to via Shopify Plus using the checkboxes on the left. You can also filter for specific affiliates if needed. Once your desired affiliates are selected, click 'Pay with Shopify Gift Card'.

Step 4: Add a Payment Note and Select Your Shopify Store

If you have multiple Shopify Plus stores connected to your Refersion account, then you'll need to select the store from which you want to issue the gift card. You can also add a payment note if desired. Once you click 'Confirm', the payment(s) will process.

Step 5: Review the Completed Payment

To validate that your affiliate payout was processed successfully, you can go to the Payments>Payment Status tab. Please note: It may take a few minutes for the payment is processed and shows as completed on the Payment Status tab.

Step 6: Download a Payment File

If you wish to download a CSV record list of gift cards paid out, click the kebab icon on the far right and then click Download Payment List. The downloaded CSV will include gift card codes and amounts issued to each affiliate.

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