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How do I enable the Amazon integration for affiliate tracking?
How do I enable the Amazon integration for affiliate tracking?

Learn how to connect your Amazon Store to Refersion along with how to select products for your affiliates to promote.

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Important Note: This feature is no longer being offered to new clients.

Refersion’s platform allows brands to track, manage, and payout affiliates for the sales they refer. By connecting your Amazon store to Refersion, you can work directly with affiliates to help boost the sales of your Amazon products.

What will I need to integrate my Amazon store with Refersion?

  • Your Amazon Seller Central account will need to be in the Amazon Brand Registry. (We do NOT integrate with Vendor Central). The Amazon Brand Registry is a program meant to offer special protections and opportunities for brand owners. It differentiates actual brands from third-party sellers. You can learn more about Amazon’s requirements here.

  • You must have a US Amazon store that you wish to track with Refersion (only US Amazon stores are supported at this time)

  • You’ll need to sign up or upgrade to Refersion’s Enterprise plan.

Getting Started with the Amazon Integration

How it works

  1. You’ll connect your Amazon store to Refersion.

  2. You’ll create an offer and choose a commission rate for your Amazon affiliates.

  3. You’ll recruit affiliates to join your affiliate program. You can discover new affiliates to recruit using Refersion’s Affiliate Discovery tool or you can let affiliates come to you by listing an offer in Refersion’s Marketplace. For best results, you should use a variety of tools and channels to source affiliates when possible.

  4. Affiliates will promote your products and help generate sales for your Amazon store. You can track their performance and payout commissions in Refersion.

Step 1: Connect your Amazon store to Refersion

From your Refersion dashboard, navigate to Account > Settings > Tracking > + Add Tracking and select “Amazon” from the list of platforms.

Upon clicking the “connect” button, you will be prompted to log in to your Amazon store if you’re not already logged in.

Upon logging in, you’ll see a screen asking you to enable advertising data access to Refersion. Our integration uses the advertising data to attribute referrals to the appropriate affiliate. Click “Allow” to continue:

Important Note:

  • The person logging into Seller Central during this portion of the integration with Refersion MUST have admin rights in Seller Central. Specifically the user must have "View and Edit" access to the "Campaign Manager" section of the "Advertising Permissions" in the Seller Central account

Once you accept the permissions, you’ll be bought back to the tracking page of your account where you’ll see a green success message. In a few minutes, you should see your store populate on this list as well. You’re all set, your store is connected and affiliates can start promoting for you as soon as you start promoting products to them.

Step 2: Choose products you’d like affiliates to promote from your Amazon store

Once you’ve connected your Amazon store to your Helium 10 account and you’ve connected your Amazon store to Refersion, you should start seeing products populate in Refersion under Manage > Products in your dashboard.

Note: It may take a while for all of your products to import into Refersion, and there may be a longer delay if your store has a lot of products and variants. There may also be a delay if you just opened your Helium10 account because it typically takes 24 hours for your Amazon products to sync with Helium10. If it’s been over 72 hours and you don’t see your Amazon products populating in Refersion, then please let us know and we’ll look into it.

Once products have populated, you’ll notice a column called “Marketplace Promotion”. This column shows which products you’ve made visible for your affiliates to see and promote from their dashboard.

Important Notes:

  • By default, all products are set to “Not Promoted”. You’ll need to review this list and “promote” the products you’d like affiliates to share on their websites, blogs social media, or other channels. If you don’t promote any products, your affiliates cannot grab referral links and start their promotions for you. We recommend promoting as many products as possible so your affiliates have a variety of products to choose from when promoting your brand.

  • “Not promoting” a product DOES NOT exclude the product from giving the affiliate a commission. It simply hides the product and the product referral links from the affiliate’s dashboard. If an affiliate promotes a product you’ve chosen to promote and a customer also buys a “not promoted” product after being referred by the affiliate, the affiliate would receive a commission on all products related directly to your brand in their Amazon cart.

How do I promote products?

You can promote a product by hovering over the product row and clicking the green “Promote” button next to the product name.

Once products are promoted, all affiliates in your program who are also affiliates in Refersion’s marketplace will see your products when they go to their “My Products” page on their dashboard.

You’ll need to enable the “My Products” page in your offer settings for affiliates who join your program in any of the following ways:

  • An affiliate signed up using your affiliate registration application.

  • You sent in an affiliate’s application using Refersion’s API.

  • You sent in an affiliate’s application using Refersion’s Segment Integration.

  • An affiliate was a customer who signed up through the Post Purchase Widget (Not applicable to Amazon-only stores)

  • You or a team member manually added the affiliate to your Refersion account.

How do I enable the “My Products” page for my affiliates?

You can enable the “My Products” page for affiliates in specific offer groups by going to the Advanced Settings section for each offer. Toward the bottom, you’ll see a setting called “Show products to affiliates? Change this to “Yes” and save. Once saved, affiliates will see a new “My Products” page in their dashboard.

Why do I need to enable the “My Products” page separately for each offer?

Controlling the visibility of the “My Products” page allows brands to run a segmented affiliate program in one Refersion account.

When you want only a specific group of affiliates to promote Amazon products, you’ll simply enable the “My Products” page for the offer the affiliates are a part of. If you also have a DTC store and want a separate group of affiliates to only promote the DTC store, you’ll leave the “My Products” page off.

We recommend keeping your Amazon affiliates and sales separate from your DTC sales so you can compare and contract performance and revenue across all your sales channels.

If you have any other Amazon Integration questions, we've provided some answers to commonly asked questions in this Amazon Integration F.A.Q article. You can also reach out to our Customer Success team via in-app chat or shoot us an email at [email protected] for assistance.

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