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Getting started with Affiliate Discovery
Getting started with Affiliate Discovery

Everything you need to know about discovering affiliates for your DTC and Amazon stores

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Affiliate Discovery is a tool that helps brands find affiliates and publishers to partner with. With Affiliate Discovery, you will be able to:

  • Search and filter from a database of over 3.6 million affiliate websites to find affiliates most relevant to your industry or vertical.

  • Create a list of your favorite affiliates and download their contact information.

  • Discover which top-performing affiliates are working with your competitors.

Please note: Affiliate Discovery is available for our Enterprise clients. Shoot us a message at [email protected] if you'd like to discuss having this tool enabled on your account.

How it works

  1. You’ll search for affiliates based on vertical or keywords relevant to your brand.

  2. You’ll review the affiliate profiles to decide if they’re a good fit.

  3. You’ll save your favorite affiliates as your browse - creating a list you can export later.

  4. You’ll download your list of favorite affiliates and reach out using the contact information provided by the tool.

Configuring the tool

In order to take advantage of the "My Vertical" search page and the gap analysis feature, you’ll want to add your brand’s vertical, website, and a few competitor websites.

You can configure your vertical and website settings by clicking “Configure Account” in the top navigation bar. Clicking this button will show a popup like the one below:

In the popup, click the dropdown menu to configure your vertical and use the plus (+) sign to add new website competitors. Once you’re satisfied with your settings, click “Update” to save your changes.

Getting Started

The left-side menu

In the left-side menu you’ll find the following links:

  • Amazon Affiliates: This section will allow brands to search for affiliates who promote Amazon products.

  • Keyword Search: The keyword search page allows you to find affiliates by entering a single search term. If you need to search for another term, you'll need to replace your current keyword.

  • My Vertical: This page will show affiliate websites based on your vertical.

  • My Competitors: This page will show all affiliates who are promoting your competitors regardless of whether they're in the same vertical as your brand.

  • Gap Analysis: This view will show a side-by-side comparison of your brand and the competitors you select. From here, you can see which affiliates are working with your competitors and not you or those working with you and your competitors.

  • Saved Affiliates: This is where you can review the list of affiliates you marked as "save".

  • Notes: When you add notes to an affiliate’s record, they’ll show in the “notes” list.

  • Export History: This page will show a list of exports you requested from the “Keyword Search”, “My Vertical”, “My Competitors”, and "Gap Analysis" pages.

Using the tool

Searching for affiliates

In the tool, you can search for affiliates by keyword or business vertical. You can further narrow down the results using filters, saving affiliates, and hiding those that are not relevant to your brand or don't meet your brand's requirements.

On the “Keyword Search”, “My Vertical” and “My Competitors” pages, you can view search results as a list or as cards. The list view will allow you to take quick actions such as hiding affiliates with the eye icon or saving affiliates with the star icon (☆).

You can click on a row in the list, to reveal more information about the affiliate such as contacts, social media links, other sites they’re linking to, and top keywords they rank for on search engines.

The card view shows all of the information mentioned above in an expanded format making it easier to skim through the results and find affiliates you may want to work with quickly.

Searching for Amazon Affiliates

You can use the dedicated "Amazon Affiliates" section in the affiliate discovery tool to find affiliates that promote Amazon products.

To get started with your search, simply start typing text into the search bar. As you type, you'll see options to choose how you'd like to narrow down your search. You can choose to search by Category, Keyword, or Brand. Select the applicable dropdown option when you're finished typing.

Once you've made your selection, you'll see your search term highlighted in a color that matches the search type. In the example below, we've decided to search for the term "baby" as a Keyword so our search term is highlighted in blue.

Be sure to click the search icon (magnifying glass) after you've typed your term and selected a search type to see the results. You'll need to click the search icon again if you decide to change your search.

💡 Pro tip: If your search term doesn't display any results, try changing from a keyword or brand search to a category search. You can also try a variety of broader, relevant keywords instead.

In the example below, we originally searched the Amazon affiliates section using the keyword "pets" but, no results were displayed. We tried our search again but, instead of looking for a keyword, we typed in "pet" and selected a specific pet-related category.

After this adjustment, we were able to see the results:

Reviewing Amazon Affiliates
Once you have a list of affiliates to review, you can see more details about each affiliate by clicking relevant icons or hovering over certain sections in the result list.

To see all keywords related to an Amazon affiliate, click the number next to "Amazon Keywords". This will show an expanded view of all applicable keywords:

To see more details about the categories of content or products the affiliate posts about, hover over the Category Mix mini bar graph.

Exporting saved affiliates

Once you’ve created a list of saved affiliates, you can export them from any of the search pages such as “Keyword Search”, “My Vertical” and "Amazon Affiliates". On any of these pages, you’ll go to the bottom of the Filters section in the right sidebar and find the “Favourite affiliates only” option. Click the toggle switch to enable this option.

Once your list is filtered down to just your favorites, click "Export". You can download the list in the "Export History" tab from the left-side navigation menu.

In the export, you’ll be able to see the affiliate’s website URL, social links, and contact information so you can reach out to them later.

Note: Not every affiliate may have social links; however, most affiliates should have email addresses you can use instead.

Reaching out to affiliates

Once you've curated a list of affiliates and exported their contact information, you can reach out to affiliates in one of three ways:

  • You can upload the contacts from your exported list into an email marketing platform such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo. From there, you can use dynamic tags to personalize your bulk outreach.

  • You can send a personal email to each affiliate individually.

  • For affiliates with social media information included in the export, you can reach out to them on their social channels.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to mark the affiliates as "contacted" when you're done to stay organized. If you need help figuring out the best messaging for reaching out to affiliates, we've put together some tips for you in this article.

If you get stuck along the way, reach out to our team in-app or via email at [email protected].

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