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How to Promote your Affiliate Registration Page
How to Promote your Affiliate Registration Page

Where — and ways — to post your affiliate application to maximize your network success.

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You took the time to build a stellar registration page. Now, like any great tool, the page is only effective when paired with the right human to use it. It’s time to get it to some humans — lots.

We recommend tackling promotion in two phases: Passive and Active. You can lock the passive in first to let it do its work, then embark on an active promotion path at your own pace.

Passive Promotion Examples

If you have active social channels and a high-traffic website, some of the easiest passive strategies you can employ will be posting the link to your affiliate or ambassador program right on your profile and home page.

See how Mermaid Straw showcases their ambassador program on their website, Facebook, and Instagram:

Active Promotion Examples

Of course, posting on social platforms makes it super easy to actively promote your program as well. Let’s take a look at how Primal Kitchen does it on Facebook:

Regardless of what type of post or which channel, you’ll want to remind your fans (the perfect prospective affiliates) that your program exists, and the benefits of getting involved.

Other Active Promotion Ideas

In-app: The Post-Purchase Channel

📍 Where we are in the app: Channels > Post-Purchase

The Post-Purchase Channel is a popup you can set to display to customers at checkout, advertising your affiliate program. If they click through, we’ll automatically pull in their information and register them as affiliates.

Learn how to set up the post-purchase widget for your shop.

1-1 Outreach

This method is best for your true influencers — those with serious reach. Google is your friend if you don’t know who to target already, as well as tools like Instagram’s Search. Take the time to craft a message to let them know why you think your program would be a good fit for them and their audience.

Email Blast

This method is best for your micro and nano influencers. You don’t have to dedicate as much time to research and personalization. All you really need is email addresses. Highlight the important things: What kind of commission you are offering, any other rewards or perks of joining up, and your cookie day duration, if any.

As you can see, using a variety of strategies will boost awareness about your program, and keep it top-of-mind in today’s “attention economy” landscape.

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