Cookies Days allow you to set how long a visitor has to purchase after clicking on the affiliate link in order to credit the affiliate. The cookie day period can range from 1 - 2,147,483,647 days. If the visitor does not click on the affiliate link again and places an order after the cookie day period has elapsed the conversion will be marked as Unqualified in Refersion.

For example, let's assume that your cookie days are set to 30 days.  A visitor clicks on one of your affiliate's links on January first and leaves the site without making a purchase.  The same visitor then comes back directly to your site (perhaps they signed up for your newsletter) on February 15 and purchases.  This order would not credit the affiliate (i.e. the conversion would be marked as Unqualified) since the purchase occurred 45 days after the affiliate click.

Note: Cookie Days tracking require the visitor to use the same device and browser, not be using private browsing/incognito mode, and to not have cleared their cookie and browsing data in order to track properly.

Cookie days can be set for each offer, and default to 30 days.  Here's how you can update the length of the Cookie Days period.

Go to the Offers Page

Head to Manage > Offers in your Refersion account

Select the Offer ID you would like to update

Click on the Offer ID to edit the offer

Adjust Cookie Days

Find and click Advanced Options and change the number of Cookie Days listed here.  Be sure to click Save Changes after you're done.

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