Refersion's Post Purchase widget allows you to easily turn your customers into affiliates. After checking out, you can display a pop-up on the Thank You page promoting your affiliate program. If they click on Activate & Get My Link or on Activate & Get My Coupon Code the customer is automatically registered as an affiliate, we pull their name and email address from the order they just placed. And without leaving this page, they can start promoting on social media and other channels.

Your customers already love your brand: they love it so much they purchased one of your products! Why not have them promote your products and turn them into micro-influencers? Here is how you can set up the Post Purchase widget.

Note: Once the customer clicks "activate" they will be automatically approved into your Affiliate Program regardless of your account settings

Ready to set this up?

Go to Channels > Post-Purchase and choose the offer you want to use (you can create a specific Post-Purchase offer by going to Manage > Offers).Click Save & Continue and then go to Design. You will also want to choose the Sign up option which will be either a Referral Link or a Coupon Code.

Choose the colors and edit the copy of the pop-up box. When done, click on Email Confirmation. We highly recommend you turn this on and customize the copy in this email to be specific to your program. 

Shopify Users:

If your ecommerce platform is Shopify, click on Installations/Tracking Code and copy the Shopify code displayed in the black box. 

If you're using Shopify, navigate to Settings then Checkout, and paste the code in the 'additional scripts' box.

This sample is what your code should look similar to:

BigCommerce Users:

If your eCommerce platform is BigCommerce, please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Goto: Settings > Affiliate Conversion Tracking in your shop administration. 

Step 2 - Add the tracking code below:

WooCommerce Users:

Please follow the steps below to enable Post-Purchase feature for WooCommerce.

Step 1 - First, you need to install the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking plugin and activate it. This plugin will give us variables that we will input into the Post-Purchase script. 

Step 2 - Once the plugin is activated, navigate to WooCommerce > Conversion Tracking and activate custom conversion tracking.

Step 3 - Goto Channels > Post-Purchase click the "Other Shop" tab.
Copy the code from  the "Your Custom Code" box and add it to the Successful Order scripts box

Step 4
- Now we need to add the variables from the Conversion Tracking Plugin. To do that you'll need to change the following text in the code that you just pasted. 

Customer's First Name  changes to {customer_first_name}
Customer's Last Name changes to {customer_last_name}
Customer's Email Address changes to {customer_email}

Step 5 - All finished! Make sure to save your changes before leaving the screen. After you save the changes, do a test order to make sure the post purchases functions properly.

Other eCommerce Platforms:

If you are not on Shopify, click on the Other Shops tab Installations/Tracking Code page. Depending on your technical ability, you might need to consult with a developer to complete this step on your backend. This code fires the pop-up on the thank you page sends Refersion the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address of the customer so that we can register them as affiliates. If you have questions about any of the values, shoot us an email at [email protected].

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