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Create Offers & Track Orders

Learn how to create the right commission offers for affiliates.

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Think of offers as the way you’ll segment your network once you get going. You can make this first commission offer simple, and get as fancy as you want later.

  1. Click +Add and enter an Offer Name.

  2. Select your Commission Type.

Note: The default is Percentage of Sale. You’ll specify a percentage for this option.

Expand the Advanced Options if you’d like to see more options.

You can adjust this offer and build out an unlimited number of offers.

Tracking Orders

Think of tracking as the way you’ll see which sales came from your affiliate network. Which tracking method you use will depend on where affiliates will drop your shop information. Here’s a rundown:

Referral Link (most common): A link containing your store’s domain and affiliate-specific tracking parameters that affiliates can drop onto their destination page of choice. Referral links work well for blog posts, website pages, social media profiles, site headers and footers, reviews, etc.

Deep Link (page-specific): You and your Affiliates can have the referral link to point to a specific page. Just add the path (specific page) to the end of the domain address you created when you signed up, also displayed in the Destination Page URL.

Your Affiliates can add these being going to their Affiliate Dashboard and clicking Create link to a specific page.

Note: If you need to create a link for an affiliate at some point, you can do that from Dashboard>Generate Referral link.

Conversion Triggers

How to get there: Dashboard>Add Conversion Trigger

Conversion Trigger (no click necessary): These are best for certain social media platforms, print collateral — anytime you won’t necessarily have a customer clicking on a link. You can add conversion triggers via:

Your Affiliates can add conversion triggers via:

  • Coupon code triggers (from registration)

  • Customer email triggers (submitted to and approved by you)

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