Sometimes affiliate links are not conducive to affiliate order tracking, such as in certain social media platforms or printed promotional materials. Conversion Triggers are additional ways to track that do not require a visitor to click on a link. There are three types of conversion triggers:

  • Coupon Codes: create unique coupon codes that are specific to an affiliate. If an order uses that coupon code, the affiliate will be credited for that order, no affiliate link required! Particularly useful for Instagram and Snapchat influencers.
  • Email: affiliates can submit an email of a potential customer, if the customer purchases the affiliate gets credited automatically. Also useful for creating lifetime customers, or customers that are associated to an affiliate for any order. Popular with affiliates that have a network of customers that they interact with regularly.
  • SKU: If only certain products trigger a commission for an affiliate, SKU triggers can be put in place for just those products. This is similar to Royalty Payments, crediting an affiliate every time a specific item is purchased. This feature is disabled by default, if you would like us to turn it on for your account please shoot us an email!

Conversion Triggers allow for more creative affiliate order tracking and introduce incentives for the customer to use them. These triggers are available in our Professional Plan or above, see our Pricing page for more info.

NOTE: If you are using conversion triggers and link tracking, it is possible for a visitor to use one affiliate's link and another affiliate's conversion trigger (coupon code, for example). By default, this will credit BOTH affiliates for the order, but we can set your account to automatically deny one so you are not double-crediting. Send us an email at [email protected] and we'd be happy to set this for you!

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