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Quick Start Guide Companion
Quick Start Guide Companion

Before you enter Refersion proper, we’ll guide you through some initial setup steps.

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When you first create your account with Refersion, you’ll walk through our Quick Start Guide where you will:

  1. Add your site branding

  2. Adjust your shop settings

  3. Set your first affiliate commission offer

  4. Design your affiliate registration page

Some things like sharing your industry and choosing your shop settings are required, but others are optional. You can keep the default settings (save and continue to the next step), if you’d like. You’ll be able to adjust any of those settings later on.

Add brand name and logo

These will be visible on your affiliate registration page and in emails and messages.

Return to this page from Account > Settings > Branding.

  1. Enter your Brand Name.

  2. Upload your Logo (JPEG, PNG, GIF — maximum size of 2MB).
    Note: A 250 x 100 px (16:9 ratio) logo looks best. If your logo is a square that exceeds the size limit, we’ll resize it 1:1.

  3. Click Save.

Adjust your shop settings

Review your default shop settings and adjust as needed.

  1. Enter the URL customers use to shop at your store.

  2. Review the default commission calculation, and Edit, if needed.
    Note: Most people don’t want to pay a commission on taxes, shipping or full price for discounts, so that’s the default.

  3. Review the VAT tax setting and Edit, if needed.

  4. Select the default Currency that will appear throughout your Refersion dashboard and on your reports.

  5. Click Save.

Set your affiliate commission offer

An offer is the deal you make with affiliates. You can make unlimited offers, but we recommend you start with one.

  1. Enter an Offer Name.

  2. Select your Commission Type.
    Note: The default is Percentage of Sale. You’ll specify a percentage for this option. Read more about the different commission structures.

  3. Click Save

Expand the Advanced Settings if you’d like to see more options.

You can adjust this offer and build out an unlimited number of offers from Manage > Offers once you’re in the app.

Customize your affiliate registration page

Adjust colors to match your brand style. This page will be very relevant in the future, and can be further customized in-app.

Customization Options:

  1. If you’d like, adjust the default color of page elements such as background, buttons, and links.

  2. Click Save.

Once you’ve finished with the Quick Start, you’ll get a nice message:

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