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What Are the Different Commission Structures?
What Are the Different Commission Structures?

Learn about Refersion’s 3 commission structures and what you can do with them.

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Here’s a helpful way to think about commission structures:

Each offer contains a unique commission structure — the way you will credit affiliates for the sales they drive. An affiliate can only be assigned to one offer, but an offer can contain unlimited affiliates.

When you create an offer, you’ll notice the commission structure as the second item after General Offer Settings:

You have 3 different commission structure options, each with their own additional options:

  • Percent of Sale (most common): Calculated based on total order value. The commission amount can be anywhere from 0-100%, but most fall in the 10-20% range.

  • Flat Rate (per item or per order): A fixed commission credited to the affiliate regardless of order value or any discounts. If your flat rate commission is $5, you’ll pay out $5, even if a hat is on deep discount, at $4.75.

  • Tiered: Incentive-based structure that allows your affiliates to earn a progressively higher commission with each “tier” based either on sales or conversion count. Learn how to create a tiered commission structure.

    If you want to adjust the default settings for your calculation logic (including or excluding shipping and taxes, VAT, etc.), you can do that from Account > Settings > Calculation Logic.

Once you have created an offer, you can add product-level commissions.

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