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Adding Discount Links For Your Shopify Store to Refersion Affiliates
Adding Discount Links For Your Shopify Store to Refersion Affiliates

Add your Shopify discounts to your affiliate referral links.

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Discount links are a great way to offer discounts to customers without the extra step of applying coupon codes at checkout.

You can assign these discount links from your Shopify store to individual affiliates, so their affiliate link will always carry that same discount.

From your Shopify Store:

1. Click Discounts from the left hand navigation pane.

2. Select Create discount.

3. Select Discount code.

4. Enter a discount code Name, then click Generate code.

A code will replace your discount code name.

5. Add your discount details, then click Save.

6. Click Get a shareable link.

7. Click Copy link.

From Refersion, logged in:

9. Click on an Affiliate to go to their Settings page.

10. Click Referral Link Settings from the left menu.

11. Paste the copied discount code β€” the part of the URL that looks like: discount/nameofdiscount in after the Default Domain part of the URL.

12. Click Save.

The Affiliate will have an updated link to grab from their Dashboard, and customers who make purchases through the link will receive your Shopify discount πŸ‘

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