If you use Shopify for your ecommerce, you’re probably familiar with creating shareable discount links. It’s a great way to offer discounts to customers without the hassle of applying coupon codes to checkout since it’s built into the link itself. 

With Refersion, you can assign these discount links to individual affiliates, so that their affiliate link will always carry that Shopify discount. 

Go to your Shopify store:

Step 1: Click Codes under Discounts in the left sidebar. Then click the Create Discount Code button in the top left. 

Step 2: Name your discount code and click save. 

Step 3: Click Promote and select the Get A Shareable Link option from the dropdown. 

After you copy the link, log into your Refersion account and go to Manage > Affiliates. Click on the affiliate partner you want to apply the link to, then select Referral Link Settings

In the Default Domain box, after your Shopify Store url, type the following: discount/(your custom code).

Customers who make purchases through this affiliate’s link will now be able to receive the discount you created in Shopify.

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