Coupon Code Conversion Triggers allow you to create unique coupon codes associated with specific affiliates. They provide an additional way to track affiliate orders without using affiliate links.

How they work: Whenever a customer places an order using an affiliate's code, that affiliate will automatically be credited for the order.  

Some things to know about coupon code conversion triggers:

  • Availability - Conversion Triggers are available on the Professional and Enterprise plans.

  • Abuse Prevention - You can exclude specific coupons like holiday coupons or site-wide coupons to prevent abuse by affiliates or for another reason. To turn on this feature, email us at [email protected]. Once the feature is enabled, a Coupon Exclusions option will appear in the menu from Account > Settings.

  • Cookie limits and expiration dates - You'll need to add these to your coupon codes from your e-commerce store.

To create coupon codes for affiliates, you'll need to:

  1. Create the coupon code in Refersion and associate it with a specific affiliate.

  2. Set the code up from your e-commerce store to ensure it is accepted during checkout.

Shopify and BigCommerce users can shorten the process by enabling a setting to automatically push new codes from Refersion to your store.

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Note: Affiliates can also choose their own coupon code when applying to your program.

Create Coupon Code Conversion Triggers - All Stores

You can manually create conversion triggers from two places: the Affiliate Page, and right from your Dashboard. Instructions for both below:

From the Affiliate Page

Go to Manage > Affiliates and click on the name of the affiliate you'd like to create the email conversion trigger for:

Click Conversion Triggers on the left, then click Add Trigger:

Choose Coupon Code under Type, enter the Coupon Code, and click Create.

The new Coupon Code will appear in the Conversion Triggers view:

From the Refersion Dashboard

From your Dashboard, click Add Conversion Trigger:

Choose the Affiliate you'd like to create the Coupon Code Conversion Trigger for. Then, select Coupon Code under Type, enter the Coupon Code, and click Add Trigger.

Automatically Push Coupon Codes to Shopify

  1. From Refersion, go to Account > Settings

  2. Click Shopify in the left sidebar.

  3. Under Shopify Discount Code Creation, select Yes, and make any other selections you want.

Automatically Push Coupon Codes to BigCommerce

  1. From Refersion, go to Account > Settings and click BigCommerce in the left sidebar.

  2. Fill out the BigCommerce Discount Code Creation to automatically push the coupon code you create in Refersion to your store. 

  3. Save your changes.

Note: If you haven’t provided API credentials for your store, you will see the following message at the top of the screen:

Click the provide us with additional API Credentials link, and follow the instructions on the following screen to provide Refersion with the required API access.

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