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Enable Affiliates to Create Coupon Codes
Enable Affiliates to Create Coupon Codes

Update your registration page to allow affiliates to suggest their own coupon codes.

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When affiliates apply to your program, you can give them the option of choosing a coupon code to use in their promotions. If you accept the affiliate into your network, then the coupon code will be available to them as a conversion trigger, unique to them.
You can create this option by adding custom form fields to your registration page:

  1. Navigate to Channels>Affiliate Registration Page, and click on Custom Form Fields link at left.ย 

  2. Click Add Custom Field.

  3. In the pop-up, set Field mapping to Auto Conversion Trigger (Coupon).
    This allows the field to be registered as a coupon code conversion trigger.

  4. Enter a field label and type, and indicate if the field should be required.

  5. Click Create.

To see what your registration page looks like with the new field, go to Dashboard > Affiliate Signup. Affiliates will now be able to let you know what coupon code they'd like to use when promoting for you! If an affiliate asks for a coupon code that is already taken by another affiliate, then they'll see an error message telling them to ask for a different coupon code
โ€‹Please Keep In Mind: You'll need to ensure that coupon codes that your affiliates ask for get created in your online store. Check out our guide on How to Create Coupon Codes

Note: If you set Auto Approve Affiliates to YES for an offer, then coupon codes will automatically be created for new affiliates upon registration.

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