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What Are The Different Statuses For A Conversion?
What Are The Different Statuses For A Conversion?

An explanation for the different conversion status updates.

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There are four possible statuses assigned to a conversion that can be listed on the Manage > Conversions page.  Please keep in mind that affiliates can view the statuses for any of their conversions.

  • Pending

  • Approved

  • Denied

  • Unqualified

Pending - This is the default status for all new incoming conversions. Pending conversions are the only conversions whose status you can change. You can change the status by approving or denying the conversion.

Approved - The first step to paying a conversion is to approve it. Conversions can be manually approved on the manage > conversions page or automatically approved. Once approved you'll have the option to send payment.

Note: If you do not approve or deny conversions in your account, then pending conversions will be automatically approved after 90 days for Enterprise merchants.

Denied - If you do not want to approve a conversion you can deny it.

Unqualified - Conversions can be unqualified for multiple reasons.

  • If a conversion falls outside the offer's cookie day limit set for your offer it will display an Unqualified status.

  • If your store uses subscriptions and you've configured your offer to only give commission on a specific number of subscription renewals, conversions that come in that exceed the limit you've set will display an Unqualified status.

  • If you've set up your account to unqualify conversions when an affiliate refers themselves, these conversions will display an Unqualified status.

  • Refersion's system has automatic features in place to prevent duplicate conversions. If you allow affiliates to promote via multiple attribution methods such as links and coupons there's a chance two affiliates can be credited for the same sale if a customer uses one affiliate's link and another affiliate's coupon code. To prevent paying out both commissions, our system will automatically unqualify one of the duplicate conversions.

Please note: You cannot change the status of an approved, denied or unqualified conversion. Please email us if you need to change the status for any of these conversion statuses.

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