There are four possible statuses assigned to a conversion that can be listed on your Managing Conversion window.  Please keep in mind that affiliates can view the statuses for any of their conversions.

  • Pending

  • Denied

  • Approved

  • Unqualified

Pending - This is the default status for all new incoming conversions. 

Denied - If you do not want to approve a conversion you can deny it.  Please email us if you need to change a Denied conversion's status.

Approved -  The first step to paying a conversion is to approve it. Once approved you'll have the option to send payment. If you have the auto-approve setting enabled for an offer, then all related conversions will initially be approved. 

Please note: You cannot Deny any conversions once they've been approved. 

Unqualified - If a conversion falls outside the offer's cookie day limit it will display an Unqualified status. 

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