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How to automatically approve conversions
How to automatically approve conversions

Adjust your account settings to approve affiliate conversions automatically after a set number of days

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We know that managing an affiliate program takes discipline and consistency to ensure you’re reviewing conversions and paying affiliates in a timely manner, and we highly recommend that you review each of your conversions. We also know this is only one part of what you need to do to scale and grow your program.

If you’d like to streamline your process we recommend turning on our auto-approval feature at the account level. This feature allows you to set the number of days after each conversion that you’d like them to be approved - and sends you a reminder to review them in advance! Just deny any that should be denied and we’ll take care of the approving.

Having a set approval time for conversions can be especially beneficial for businesses with a predefined return/cancellation period. For example, if your store’s order policy allows customers to return or cancel their order up to 30 days after their purchase, you can set your auto-approval period to be 40+ days after the conversion was created. This helps to ensure you’re only paying commission for orders that have not been returned or canceled. But even without a return policy in place, these regularly scheduled conversion approvals can help remove one manual task off your plate.

To get started with auto-approval, email our Customer Success team at [email protected] or start an in-app chat. You will want to specify the number of days you prefer for our system to wait before auto-approving your conversions; this number can be any number ranging from 30 - 120 days.

Please note: once enabled, there will be a 30 day waiting period for any existing pending conversions to be considered for auto-approval. If you prefer you can just approve these previously-existing pending conversions manually.

All new pending conversions that come into your account after this feature is enabled will be scheduled for auto-approval based on the number of days specified during the feature setup. You will be able to see the upcoming auto-approval dates for pending conversions on your Manage > Conversions tab:

We’ve also set up email notifications so you can be alerted when you have pending conversions scheduled to auto-approve. These notifications will go out on the 28th of every month.

Note: Once a conversion is approved its status cannot be changed. If you need an approved conversion changed to denied, please reach out to our team for assistance.

If you’re not ready to have all conversions across all offers in your account auto-approved, we also have an offer-specific option to configure auto-approvals.

Important note: Approvals for this offer-specific feature happen immediately, so you will not have an opportunity to review them before they are approved. Should you need to deny any of these conversions you will need to contact us each time.

We never want you to be in the position of paying out a fraudulent or self-referred sale. For this reason, we only recommend this option if you’re working with trusted affiliates.

But if you are sure it’s the right choice for you — and you’d like to be able to auto-approve all conversions for specific offers — let our team know you’d like this offer-specific auto-approval feature enabled instead.

Once enabled, you will see the Approve commissions automatically option on your offer page under General Offer Settings:

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