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Integrating Refersion with your Magento backend does require some technical know-how. If you are unsure about any of the steps outlined below we suggest you consult with your web developer to complete the integration.

Installing the Extension

First, you’ll need to purchase Refersion’s Magento extension, which can be found in the Magento Marketplace. If you’re using Magento v2.4 or above you’ll need to integrate by using the command line integration. If you’re using v2.3.4 or below you can use the command line or utilize the Web Setup Wizard. Instructions for both are below, and you can find your version of Magento in the footer of your admin dashboard to the far right as seen in the below image.

Web Setup Wizard Integration

If you’ve installed other extensions using the web setup wizard, the process for installing Refersion should be similar. In your store, navigate to System > Web Setup Wizard and select “Extension Manager.” If your Magento Marketplace account is already connected to your store, you will see one or more “Extensions Ready to Install.”

Click Review and Install, find Refersion in the “Ready to Install” list, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. Once installed, it’s always a good idea to navigate into System > Cache Management in Magento and clear the cache as well as any static files to confirm the changes are reflected.

Command-line integration

Magento has deprecated the Web Setup Wizard as of version 2.3.6 and has completely removed it in version 2.4+ (Magento documentation on these changes here and here). As of now, all extensions will need to be installed using the command line interface on your backend server.

Installation Prerequisites:

  • Ensure you’ve set up and configured your Marketplace account credentials on your Magento server.

  • Ensure you’ve purchased the Refersion module using the same Magento Marketplace account connected to your Magento server.

Please see Magento’s complete extension installation guide here and follow those instructions to install the Refersion extension.

When prompted for the composer extension name, please enter:


Once completed and the Refersion extension is enabled, we recommend clearing the cache in Magento and removing any static files to ensure the changes are properly reflected.

Connecting to your Refersion account

To connect your store to your Refersion account, grab your public and secret API keys in Refersion from Account > Settings > Refersion API.

If you haven’t signed up for a Refersion account yet, you’ll want to head over to, create an account and follow the in-app Start Guide to set things up. Be sure to choose Magento as your platform when prompted!

With your keys in hand, head back to your admin dashboard in Magento and navigate to Stores > Configuration.

Enter your public and secret API keys where prompted and be sure to select “Yes” in the “Enabled” dropdown. For the "Tracking Version" option, we strongly recommend selecting v4 as it's our latest tracking version and it's asynchronous.

Note: If you plan to use email conversion triggers or want to run any reporting in Refersion around your customers, you’ll want to set the Send Customer Information to “Yes.”

Once you’ve configured all of the options, click “Save Config” from the upper right.

Next, you’ll want to run a test order to make sure everything is set up properly before launching your program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Refersion will receive orders from Magento as soon as a customer reaches your store's thank you page

If you are having any issues feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected].

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