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How To Bulk Upload Conversion Triggers
How To Bulk Upload Conversion Triggers

Upload a CSV of all your conversion triggers in one go!

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Conversion Triggers are additional tracking tools that don't require the visitor to click on an affiliate link. These are useful on certain social media platforms where links are not easily shared, and can also be used on printed promotional materials.

You can add Conversion Triggers one by one. Instructions by type below:

... or you can bulk import conversion triggers.

Instructions for Bulk Upload

Important Note: Please limit bulk conversion trigger uploads to 500 triggers at a time

Step 1: From your Dashboard, click on Add Conversion Trigger, and click Upload a CSV file:

Step 2: Download the bulk upload template. This is optional, as there are only three column headers (but they must be typed verbatim in the spreadsheet): AFFILIATE_ID, TYPE, and TRIGGER:

  • The AFFILIATE_ID column will be the ID of the affiliate (below is where you can find the AFFILIATE_ID)

  • The TYPE should be the type of conversion trigger. This can be either COUPON, EMAIL, or SKU. NOTE: The values in this column must be in ALL CAPS

  • The TRIGGER column is the actual trigger (the coupon code, email or SKU)

To find the affiliate ID, go to Manage > Affiliates. Affiliate IDs will be listed just under each affiliate's name.

Note: You can also click the Export button at the top right of the affiliate list to receive an email export of all of your affiliates and their respective IDs.

Step 3: Fill in the spreadsheet. Below is what a completed template should look like. Multiple triggers for the same affiliate should be listed on their own row:

Step 4: Once you have completed the template, save as a CSV file, and drag to the Conversion Trigger Bulk Upload pop-up. You should see a message at the top informing you the upload was successful.

If the upload fails, be sure to remove any extra spaces or commas as that can cause formatting issues with CSVs. If you need help, give us a shout in the app or email us at: [email protected] 

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