If you are using Shopify, then you can automatically negate approved conversions for canceled orders.

Here's an example: Customer A buys a widget on your Shopify store for $29.99. Affiliate B earns a 10% commission creating a pending conversion in your Refersion dashboard for $2.99. You approve this conversion. However, 15 days later Customer A cancels their order by returning their merchandise. Shopify automatically relays this to Refersion and creates a $2.99 negative approved conversion for Affiliate B to offset the previously approved commission.

A few things to remember before enabling this option.

  1. Conversions will only be negated if they are approved. You will still have to manually check pending conversions for any cancellations. 
  2. This option only applies to full cancellations, not partial ones. 
  3. The negating conversion will be for listing price only, it will not take into account any discounts that were applied during checkout. 
  4. This option should only be used as a backup. Please make sure you manually review all conversions before paying them. 

How To Enable Shopify Order Cancellations

Step 1 

Navigate to Account > Settings > Shopify

Step 2

Click the drop-down box under Shopify Order Cancellations, and select the Yes option. 

Step 3

Click the Save Changes button.
That's it you're all done!

Cancelled conversions will appear in the Manage Conversions view. 

The above screenshot shows an approved conversion that has been cancelled, along with the negated conversion that removes the commission. 

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