You might need to adjust an affiliate's commission (for example, if an order is cancelled or returned) or if you would like to credit a specific order to an affiliate. Here is how to do that.

Find the Affiliate

Go to Manage > Affiliates and look for the affiliate you're looking to update. You can scroll to find them, or type in the affiliate name and click search. Once you've found the affiliate you're looking for, click their name.

Go to Manual Credit

In the Edit Affiliate page, click Manual Credit

Add the order or amount

Choose the type of credit. If you are looking to credit an order, you can choose Credit a Specific Order Number and put in the Order ID to credit. Alternatively, you can choose Enter a commission amount to credit a specific amount. The credit can be positive or negative, and will be displayed as a conversion in the Manage > Conversions tab. Choose the approval status of the Manual Credit, type in a note for the affiliate to see, and click on Process to save.

What's Next?

Learn how to change an affiliate's offer.

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