Sometimes an order gets returned, and you need to balance that out; or, you need to adjust a commission up or down according to the circumstance.

You can do that from Refersion. Here’s how:

First, find the affiliate whose commission you need to adjust.

1. Go to Manage > Affiliates

2. Click on the Affiliate’s name from the list below.

3. Click Manual Credit from the menu one the left.

4. Select Type of Credit:

  • For Credit a Specific Order Number, enter the Order ID, then click Find Order.

  • For Enter a Commission Amount, enter the Total Commission to Credit (positive or negative amount), and specify the Currency.

5. Enter a Memo or Note to provide any additional details that might be helpful.

Important: This note will be visible to the affiliate.

6. Click Process to save.

You’ll see the processed commission adjustments reflected on the Conversion Page at: Manage > Conversions.

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