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Marketplace Reports

Learn about the different reporting options on the Marketplace and how to run them.

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From the Reports tab of your Refersion Marketplace account there are 5 types of reports available in your Marketplace dashboard:

  • Performance

  • Conversions

  • Subid

  • Payments

  • SKU

Performance Reports

The Performance Report gives an overview of performance per merchant with a focus on total clicks, conversions, sales, and commission.

Conversion Reports

The Conversions Report gives line-by-line information related to individual conversions driven by your promotional efforts. These reports will include conversions from all of your promoted brands.

To dive into the details of an order, you can click on Details and a modal will appear with the transactional data for the order, as well as a commission breakdown:

SubID Reports

The SubID Report enables you to see performance based on a special URL parameter that you can add to your tracking links. This is called a SubID and you can learn more about them here.

Payment Reports

In the Payments Report, you’ll see all payments made from each of the different merchants that you promote for. You can expand the details to see which specific conversions were paid out in each payment.

SKU Reports

The SKU report shows performance by individual SKU name. This is great if you’re promoting specific products and would like to review sales and commission on an item-level basis.

Filtering Your Reports

These built-in reports also allow you to filter and search right from your dashboard. If you click Filters a modal will appear with options specific to the selected report type. Make your desired selections, click Apply Filters, and your reports will show only what you’ve specified.

Running Your Report

Sometimes, you may want to further filter, manipulate or pivot the data outside of the dashboard. You can export any of the reports as a CSV which will be emailed to you directly:

You can find a history of exported reports under My Reports. You can also re-export past reports from here.

Advanced Users: If you’d like to retrieve data about your account outside of the dashboard interface, you can use Refersion’s GraphQL API.

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