Refersion tracking links have built-in support for SubIDs. SubIDs are additional custom tags that allow for additional tracking of affiliate links, and they can be any string of text. For example, an affiliate might be interested in tracking if a conversion came through a Facebook post, a Twitter post, or the header/footer/specific page on their blog. SubIDs are great for more detailed tracking and tagging.

How do you set up one of these super useful SubIDs? You can just start using them! There is no settings that you need to turn on, affiliates can simply start using SubIDs when posting their links. Simply follow this format when posting links:

Replacing everything before &subid with the affiliate's link and 'header' with the SubID you're looking to track. SubIDs cannot have spaces, but can be any string of alphanumeric text.

In the example above, Refersion will record a certain click that it was tagged as 'header and 'footer' respectively. This would allow affiliates to generate reports such as:

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