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Migrating Your Affiliate Program Into Refersion
Migrating Your Affiliate Program Into Refersion

Checklist for successfully migrating your program into Refersion

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Please note: Affiliate migration and importing is a service reserved for our Enterprise plan levels.

Refersion supports importing affiliates from another platform to help your team make a smooth transition. Check out our recommended steps below and reach out when you’re ready!

  • Set a target date for launching your program on Refersion
    Migrating takes time, so you’ll want to lay out some milestones with a target date for launch. This will give you or your team enough time to properly close the legacy program and fully set up and customize Refersion before onboarding your affiliates. We recommend giving yourself at least 2 weeks to make sure everything is in order.

  • Inform your affiliates about the upcoming migration
    Prepare an email to inform your affiliates that change is coming. You’ll want to let them know that they’ll need to update their referral links and will be able to easily log in to their Refersion dashboard to check in on their success, grab links, and more. You should also give affiliates a hard cutoff date for updating their referral links to set expectations.

    • Is it possible for me to redirect my affiliates old referral links to their new referral links?
      If your old affiliates' links are already vanity redirects, then you can update the path of the links and set the destination to your affiliates' new Refersion links respectively. Otherwise your affiliates will just need to use their new referral links

  • Payout any pending commissions from your legacy platform
    Be sure to pay out all owed commissions before transitioning over to Refersion. While you could process manual payments within Refersion, since those conversions were not tracked within Refersion your reporting would be incomplete. Better to start fresh in the new system!

  • Export any data and reports from your legacy platform for record-keeping
    While Refersion allows you to import affiliates, the import won’t include any of the historical sales or payment data. We recommend exporting any necessary reporting from the legacy system before closing your account.

  • Import your affiliates into Refersion
    Import your affiliates into Refersion by completing our Bulk Upload CSV template (full instructions here) and emailing it to our team at [email protected].

    Once done your affiliates will be waiting for you in a pending state within Refersion so you’ll have time to set up your account before setting your program live and sending them their welcome email.

  • Connect your store to Refersion for tracking
    In order for us to track sales driven by your affiliates, we’ll need to connect your store to Refersion. Check out the Setup section within our Help Center to get started.

  • Configure and personalize your Refersion account
    You’ll want to get your offers set up, tailor your emails and include your branding within Refersion before going live. Check out our recommendations and how-to articles here.

  • Launch!
    Once you’ve taken care of all other checklist items, activate all of the pending affiliates in Refersion so they can start promoting again!

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