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How Do I Bulk Upload Affiliates?
How Do I Bulk Upload Affiliates?

If you have an established list of affiliates, here’s how to bring them over to Refersion.

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Note: Importing existing affiliates into your Refersion account is an Enterprise Feature.

Importing affiliates is a 3-step process: 1: Download an import template 2: Prep your list 3: Send the list to us — and we will upload it for you:

First, download the Affiliate Bulk Import Template.

Second, input your Affiliate Records.

Required Fields:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Offer ID: If you have multiple offers, and affiliates will be in different offers, complete the Offer ID column (found in Manage > Offers)

  • Password: Choose a default password. Affiliates will be prompted to change this on the first login, so make it generic (you can include this in the welcome email)

Other recommended fields:

  • PayPal email: If you will be using PayPal to pay affiliates, be sure to fill in the PayPal email address column

  • Coupon: If your affiliates have unique coupon code conversion triggers, complete that column as well

  • Country and State: You can include information about your affiliates' locations. Please note that our affiliate import requires you to use the 2-digit ISO country and state codes instead of the country’s name (i.e. use “US” instead of “United States”). You can reference the state codes and country codes accepted by Refersion

  • Dashboard Enabled: Set to TRUE for each affiliate if you want your affiliates to be able to access their own personal dashboard once you approve them into your program

Finally, send an email with your completed CSV file attached to [email protected].

Note: Once we’ve uploaded your Affiliates, they’ll appear on your Manage>Affiliates tab, ready for approval. Before you approve them, you may want to customize the welcome email they will receive. Once your email is ready, approve your affiliates so that they can receive your welcome and become active in your program.

Note: If you were using another affiliate program before, be sure that the affiliates update all of their affiliate links to their new Refersion links.

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