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Troubleshooting Custom Integrations
Troubleshooting Custom Integrations

If your store and the Refersion API still aren’t talking, try this.

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Custom integrations can be tricky. First, you’ve got to get the data in.

A common way to send data to Refersion is via webhook (option 2 of our tracking docs). We also integrate with Zapier, which allows you to apply an automated workflow — a “zap” — to bridge apps and services.

I’ve sent an order and nothing happened. What now?

  1. Review #1 in this doc and confirm you’re not missing dynamic variables for JavaScript order tracking.

  2. Confirm you don’t have sample data in your JS or order webhooks (Whoops! But it happens to the best of us…)

  3. If your cart_id is is missing or doesn’t match between clicks and order data sent via webhook:
    a. On your “thank you” or order confirmation page, ensure our cart tracking JavaScript code snippet is configured to send us a unique cart_id. This cart_id will be associated with the click tracked to your site from an affiliate.
    b. From your server, ensure the same cart_id sent on your thank you page via javascript is included in your HTTP POST when sending order data into Refersion.

  4. If you’re using Google Tag Manager (GTM), this can muck things up. For best results, we highly recommend directly adding our Javascript to your page.

Finally, if none of these worked for you, start an in-app chat with us, or email us at [email protected], and we’ll troubleshoot with you.

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