How to Approve Payments

Approve payments on affiliate commissions

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The payment flow for affiliate commissions works like this:

  • Approve affiliate conversions (either manually from Manage > Conversions or automatically via auto-approval)

  • Initiate payment from either the Conversions page or the Approve Payments page

  • Approve payment on the Approve Payments Page for processing via PayPal, Payment Rails, gift card, or manually (to be marked Paid by you).

  • Confirm payment.

How to Approve Payments

  1. Go to Payments > Approve Payments

    The first 50 records will appear in a list below.

    You can search for the Affiliate(s) you’d like to pay by Name, ID, Offer or Advanced Options: Minimum Owed, PayPal Email, or Conversion Date (range).

  2. Check the box next to the Affiliate(s) you’d like to process a payment for. Or, check the box in the header row to select everyone due for payment.

  3. Click Process Bulk Payments

Note: If you’d like to view the conversion details of a particular Affiliate before paying them, click the See Conversions button.

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