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How Do I Add My Affiliate Registration Page to Shopify?
How Do I Add My Affiliate Registration Page to Shopify?

Steps to embed your affiliate registration form into the Shopify platform.

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STEP 1: Copy your Refersion embed code

Sign into Refersion and copy your embed code so you have it ready to paste into your website in the next step.

  1. From your Dashboard click Affiliate Sign-Up.

  2. Click Embed sign-up form into your site to copy your code. 

STEP 2: Add your affiliate registration page to your website

We recommend including a link to your affiliate registration page in the sitewide footer or navigation of your website so that potential affiliates can easily find it and apply to be part of your program. 

While the instructions for doing this are generally the same for most websites and platforms, there are differences. We have provided detailed steps below for embedding your Refersion code into websites hosted by Shopify. For all other platforms and websites, check your platform’s help and contact us if you need further assistance.

Add your affiliate registration page to Shopify

If your website is powered by Shopify, you will want to create a new page add your affiliate registration page to your website. Sign into Shopify and follow these steps to quickly add your registration page to your site.

1. Navigate to Online Store > Pages

2. Click Add Page

3. Add a title for your page and then click <> to show HTML.

4. Paste your Refersion embed code (from STEP 1 above) into the HTML text field and click Save 

Your affiliate signup form is now included in your website navigation and ready for your website visitors to find.

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