For our Enterprise customers there is a feature called New vs Returning Customers that will allow you to pay one commission rate for any new customers to your brand while having a different commission rate for those returning to your store. Once this varied commission rate feature is turned on you'll be able to adjust the New vs. Returning commission rate for each of your offers.

How it works

Once this setting is enabled on your account, Refersion will begin compiling a returning customer database using the customer emails for all affiliate-driven sales (conversions) that are recorded under each of your offers.

When a new conversion is recorded, Refersion will check prior affiliate conversions in this database to see if a customer has shopped with your brand previously. If no prior conversion is found, then Refersion will apply the New Customer commission to the affiliate; if we do find a prior conversion, the Returning Customer commission is applied.

Important Note: if you prefer, we can enable the account to capture customer emails from ALL orders in your store moving forward, regardless of whether or not it was an affiliate-driven sale. This is an important distinction as it will move any affiliate commissions into the Returning Customer commission level for any returning customers - whether that customer sale was originally driven by an affiliate or not.

Please let us know your preference when discussing with our team.

FOR REPORTING: If you’d like to be able to report on your account’s performance while differentiating between new and returning customers, then you MUST have this varied commission feature enabled on your account.

What if there are customers who have shopped at my store before I joined Refersion?

If you have an existing account with Refersion and enable this setting, then you MUST provide us with your list of customers that have purchased from you previously. Without this list Refersion will only be tracking new customers from that point onward.

You can send a CSV of your customer list to [email protected], and we’ll add it to your account for all of your active offers.

Interested in having this feature turned on?

New vs. Returning Customers is available for our Enterprise clients. Shoot us a message at [email protected] or use the in-app chat if you'd like to discuss.

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