We have a feature called New vs Returning Customers. Once enabled, it allows you to set one commission rate for new customers, and a different rate for those returning to your store. If you’d like, you can set the returning customers value to 0.

How it works

We check existing affiliate conversions to see if a customer has shopped before. If no customer is found, we apply the new customer commission. If a customer is found, we apply the returning customer commission.

What if there are customers who have shopped at my store before I joined Refersion?

You can send a CSV of your customer list to a Refersion team member, and we’ll add it to your account - per offer. We’ll use this list in addition to the customers listed on conversions to determine if a customer is new or returning.

Interested in having this feature turned on?

New vs. Returning Customers is available for our Enterprise clients. Shoot us a message at [email protected] or using the in-app chat if you'd like to discuss.

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